Law of the same wavelength connection Ⅰ

The law of the same wavelength connection (the law of like attracts like) is the law of the universe that good spirits connect to good spirits and evil spirits connect to evil spirits.

Those who love football somehow get together with those who love football.

Those who like studying somehow get together with those who like studying.

People like the Mafia somehow get together with people like the Mafia.

The principle of evil spirits possession must also be understood from the law of wavelength connection.

People get possessed by evil spirits because they bring out evil from their own hearts, based on the law that evil spirits connect to evil spirits.

If good is emitted from one’s heart, people will be guided by the good spirit and their hearts will grow abundantly by the law of “the good spirits connect to the good spirits”.

Existing religions are still indulging in medieval superstitions.

They indulge in the wrong act of holding their hands over their heads and trying to exorcise evil spirits with the light of God.

They point the cross at devils, read the Scriptures, sprinkle holy water on them, and let the evil spirits speak their true names, while being ridiculed by them as “Aww, nice try. it’s cold, very cold.

” They think that by doing so, they can exterminate the devil.

They need to know the “principle of possession”.

If holy water seems to be effective against the devil, it is because the High Spirit of the afterlife casts the light of God in accordance with the action of the priest who sprinkles the holy water.

Whether it’s a cross, holy water, or the Scriptures, such substances have no effect on the devils.

The invisible heart of each person is important.

You are possessed by evil spirits because you emit evil from your own heart.

If the true goodness is emitted from one’s heart, evil spirit cannot possess the person, according to the law of “the good spirits connect to the good spirits.

” It doesn’t matter if it’s a demon, a devil, or an anaconda.

At the GLA, it is said as follows: The reason why a person is possessed by an evil spirit is that the impurity of his or her heart, which is enough to be possessed, inevitably invites the evil spirit.

Therefore, the only way to remove the possession of evil spirits is to reflect on God’s heart as far back he or she was born, apologize to God, and correct one’s heart to good based on one’s own conscience.

Certainly, those who are possessed by evil spirits have no choice but to reflect on their conscience.

However, the possession of evil spirits makes their hearts hardened, and they cannot reflect on it.

Evil spirits prevent us from reflecting.

In that case, it was said that there was no choice but to reflect on the time when we felt good.

According to the High Spirit, 60% of humanity is under the influence of some evil spirit.

The characteristics of those possessed by evil spirits are that they are always hardened, frustrated, restless, quickly yell at trivial things, throw things, be impatient and angry, and in some cases violent.

The archangel Michael of the afterlife explained the characteristics of those possessed by the devil or something close to it, which is even worse than the evil spirits.

The explanation is as follows: “This battle with Satan is struggling not only for you on earth but also for us in the heavenly world day and night.

Even for me, there are many stupid leaders who call themselves Michael and claim that they receive revelations from Michael.

To that extent, the earth is confused.

However, the characteristics of these people are that they always have a scornful heart, no humble heart, a strong awareness of hierarchical relationships, intimidation, anger, and attacks and swearing against others.

They are under Satan’s guidance and cannot be gentle, use beautiful words, or be calm.

They are always emotionally uneven, accompanied by intense anger, jealousy, rage, and the like.

It can be said that the emotional unevenness is the aim of the evil spirits, and when they dominate you, the emotional unevenness always occurs.

Therefore, you must not forget to hold hands together.

In order for everyone to hold hands, it is necessary to control your own pride.

You have to change your pride to a gentle one.

And you have to meet each other halfway.

Get into the habit of apologizing first if you make a mistake. And it is important to try to be as tolerant as possible to the mistakes of others.”

If you read only this part, it looks like the High Spirits are fighting the devil on an equal footing.

In fact, the battle between angels and the devil is the same as the relationship between police officers and criminals.

In other words, just because they are committing a crime, they cannot be killed, so there is no choice but to suppress them and stop the crime.

It is called the battle between angels and devils.

When it comes to devils, it’s just that the army of angels uses a club to rout devils and keep them from doing evil.

Moses and Michael are the High Spirits who play the role of police officers in the afterlife.

In this world, when we hear about demons and witches, some people immediately try to burn them down, or immediately kill or destroy those possessed by evil spirits.

However, there is no High Spirit to do such things.

At the GLA, it was said that “the mercy of trying to save even the devil is important.”

There is also the heart of God in the heart of the evil spirit.

They are the same human beings who have the same heart of God.

For devils and demons, the love and mercy of returning them to their original wonderful children of God is important. In fact, all High Spirits are working that way.

High Spirits do not see the devils as the devils no matter how they look, and they do not see demons as demons.

They are trying hard to save the children of God, who have the heart of God, because they have lost their true nature and are suffering as evil spirits.

Since they cannot be called heavenly spirits, they are simply referred to as “evil spirits” or “devils” for convenience.

The devils are also the children of God.

However, in reality, the battle with the devils is tough. Especially since the GLA, in the process of the failure of the salvation movement this time, a large number of angels of light with bodies on the ground have become prey to devils.

By purifying the thought zone that blocks the surface consciousness (this world) and the subconscious (that world) by the reflection method, connecting the surface consciousness and the subconscious is called “opening the spiritual path”.

Those who opened the spiritual path at the GLA were almost annihilated by Satan after Shinji Takahashi’s death.

Unenlightened psychics became the prey of Satan one after another.

One of them is Makoto Tomiyama.

He was one of the angels of light born from the 8th dimensional world.

In the 8th dimensional world, there are Spinoza and Rousseau, and for Christians, Peter and Paul, or the Virgin Mary.

Makoto Tomiyama opened the spiritual path with the light of a third party.

However, he could not control his own mind, and he was possessed by Kakuban (覚鑁), a Buddhist devil, according to the law that evil spirits connect to evil spirits.

Possessed by the devil not only causes mental distress, but also causes various physical incongruities.

At that time, Makoto Tomiyama threw himself for mercy from Saint Nichiren in the afterlife through a medium.

He cried, “Saint Nichiren, tell me why my guardian spirit won’t remove the devil from me!

You know how painful I am.

Why won’t it exorcise me?”

Then Nichiren pushed him away and said:

“Mr. Tomiyama, I speak for your guardian spirit. Your guardian spirit is not willing to save you in your current state.

I tell you that your guardian spirit thinks so now.”

“What do you mean? Why doesn’t it exorcise me?” Tomiyama said.

Nichiren replied to him.”Mr. Tomiyama, your situation right now is like a child playing at the riverside.

While you’re playing at the riverside, you’re caught in a swamp-like place, falling into the depths and crying, asking for help.

You’re just a child who doesn’t go straight to God’s heart, doesn’t realize it, takes a detour, cries at the riverside, and asks for help.

So, your guardian spirit leaves you alone.

Because you can get out of the swamp with your own power.

Your guardian knows that you have that power.

That’s why it leaves you alone.

Mr. Tomiyama, you have a serious job in the future. If you can’t get out of the swamp on your own, you won’t be able to do the work that awaits you in the future.

You are an angel of light. Exorcise the devil with your own enlightenment,” said Nichiren.

Then Makoto Tomiyama got sulky.

“Fine, that’s enough.

If you want to leave me alone, suit yourself!

Saint Nichiren, you admit the fact that the devil possessing me is doing something that doesn’t come true to God’s heart, don’t you?

This devil possesses me and afflicts me physically and mentally. You admit the fact that this act is evil, and that it is an act that does not come true to God’s heart, don’t you?

Do you admit it or not?” He demanded.

Then Nichiren never admitted that the devil was evil.

He said it was well-suited to the law of universe. He said:

“It is fully true to the law of universe that good spirits connect to good spirits and evil spirits connect to evil spirits.

Do you know why you are possessed by the devil even though you are an angel of light?

That’s because you don’t have the enlightenment of the 8th dimensional world, you don’t make effort to get enlightened, and you are spilling evil out of your own heart.

No wonder you got possessed.

Why does the angel of light have the heart that attracts the possession by the devil?

Ordinary people don’t have a high-level soul like you.

If the angel of light is like that, then what should the general public do? Get a grip of yourself.

If you don’t want to be possessed by the devil, don’t emit evil from your heart.

As you know, you can emit good from your heart as well.

You are the one who emit evil from your heart. And yet, you think the devil who possess you is the one to blame.

That’s why you come to the argument that you should kill the devil.

Your indulgent attitude gave birth to medieval witch trials.

The cause is that you are emitting evil from your heart. You should correct your heart first.

You can’t be possessed by the devil, if you correct it.

Remember, if you emit good from your own heart, you will connect to good spirits, and if you emit evil, you will connect to evil spirits.

It is up to you to decide whether to emit good or evil.

Truth is self-reliant.

Everybody has a kingdom of mind, and no one but the owner can control it.

You’re voluntarily emitting evil on your own while nobody told you to do it.

No one told you to emit evil, neither God nor your guardian spirit nor other High Spirits told you to do it.

They have never said that.

You are putting it out on your own.

It’s natural to be possessed because you’re emitting evil on your own, according to the law of universe that evil spirits connect to evil spirits.

That’s because you’re putting out evil on your own.

It is well-suited to the law of universe that good spirits lead to good spirits and evil spirits lead to evil spirits.

Yet you say that the devil possesses you is evil.

You say that this act of the devil is an evil which does not come true to God’s heart.

The point is, you are saying, “No matter how bad the human continues to emit evil, the devil must not possess me,” and “if it still possesses me, the devil is the one to blame.”

You are saying that you have no responsibility for yourself, who is putting out evil from your heart.

Even if you don’t realize it, you don’t have faith, you do evil, it’s the devil that’s bad, you’re not bad at all. You are claiming such a theory.

And even if you blame the devil for possession, you still continue to emit evil from your own heart.

Even if you blame the devil for possession tens of thousands of times, it remains the same.

You are emitting evil by yourself, so you should correct your heart.

You know that is the reflection and the essence of Buddhism.

It is well-suited to the law of universe that good spirits connect to good spirits and evil spirits connect to evil spirits.

In short, you are behaving like a spoilt child.”

Then Makoto Tomiyama got sulkier.

He said, “Why, Saint Nichiren, you call me a spoilt child.

Very well then. But tell me, is this devil possessing me also spoiled or not?

Then again, Nichiren got angry. “What are you saying?

The devil isn’t spoiled, he’s lost.

YOU should stop being like a child!

Being possessed means that you are emitting evil from your heart.

None other than you are putting out evil from your heart.

That’s why you’re possessed.

Although the reality that your heart is emitting evil is here, you do not admit that reality and do not try to change it.

Who do you think you are?

Those who emit good from their own heart would not be possessed by the devil.

Being possessed is a clear proof that you emit evil from your own heart.

Then you have no choice but to correct your heart to good by your own power.

Why do you blame the devil instead of admitting the reality?

The mission of the angels of light is to realize the heart of God, guide people to the light, and save evil spirits through their own enlightenment.

As an angel of light, you have a mission to save evil spirits and demons. Don’t be so selfish.”

Then Makoto Tomiyama got naughty again. “Saint Nichiren, that’s not the case.

It is you High Spirits’ job to save devils and demons, isn’t it?

Why do we humans have to save devils and demons?” He blabbed endlessly such nonsense.

He ignored the fact that he was the one who emitted evil and blamed possession on the devil and never blamed his heart.

He said that it was not the human race and its heart that was bad, but devils and the demons.

In the end, while being possessed by the devil, Makoto Tomiyama got his brain damaged and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.

His language center was destroyed, he lost his ability to speak, he lived in a wheelchair, and finally died in his thirties.

We lost one precious angel of light in this way.

Moreover, this is not just about Makoto Tomiyama.

Due to the failure of the salvation movement, angels at the same risk still exist in large numbers.

Indeed, lack of enlightenment is fatal.

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