The identity and difference between love and mercy

Christianity has preached “love”, and Buddhism has preached “mercy”.

In the past, Shinji Takahashi of GLA wrote about love and compassion:.

“Love and mercy are both God’s love for mankind, but if we dare to make a difference, love is a horizontal light and mercy is a vertical light.”

When we say “love” as the horizontal light, we mean “equal love”.

Both spiritually immature and mature persons have the same God equally in the essence and origin of their life.

Even in the life of the devil, the same god as the spirits of the heavenly world dwells.

The Great Demon King is, in other words, an Archangel.

Heaven is, in other words, hell, and gods exist in the essence of the life of the spirits of heaven, and the exact same gods exist in the essence of the life of the spirits of hell.

The absolute contradictions between heaven and hell, the Archangel and the Great Demon King are self-identified in the existence of God.

Self-identification of absolute contradiction: Kitaro Nishida

Judging from the essence of this life, it can be said that the inhabitants of the past, present, and future heavens, the present world,and the world of hell, that is whole world, all of whom are eternally equal, because of the fact that the Great Demon King is Archangels and both have God.

Christianity has taught us that we should love each other and wash our feet together because we are the children of God and have the same God as our parents and dwells in each other.

“Horizontal light” refers to this equal love.

Both and ”love” and “mercy” are the same in that God’s love for all humankind, but we dare to make a difference, ”love” is a horizontal light and “mercy” is a vertical light.

So what is “vertical light”?

Equality love alone would be imperfect as God’s love, and this alone would still lead to cruel love.

So God preached not only equal love but also “mercy” through Buddha.

When people talk about love, they often mistake equal love for God’s love.

Equality love, for example, is not a mistake in itself, but if university students and elementary school students are treated equally, university students can understand advanced studies, but elementary school students cannot.

College students may be able to understand group theory, elliptic function, Euclidean geometry, and relativity theory.

Can elementary school students understand them?

No they can’t.

Is there any difference in the nature of life between university students and elementary school students?

They are not different.

The exact same god dwells.

In this case, the equal love of Jesus alone can be cruel love.

“I’m a graduate student and I understand the theory of relativity.

You’re an elementary school student.

Why can’t you understand the theory of relativity?

Why can’t you understand ten-element simultaneous equations and scalar curvature?

All humans are equal.

You can understand non-Euclidean geometry because I can understand it.

You should be able to understand group theory and elliptic functions.

Because all humans are equal.

What one can do, another can do as well.

Why can’t you understand the theory of relativity that I can understand in spite of being equal existence?

You don’t understand because your efforts are not enough.

What a lazy person! ”

If it’s only equal love, people treat college students and elementary school students equally, and the people realize that elementary school students don’t understand the theory of relativity because they don’t work hard enough, and if they don’t understand the theory of relativity, people would hit elementary school students until they understand it without compunction.

Because we believe that all humans are equal.

This is what happens when the equality of reality is replaced by the equality of phenomena.

We think we are equal, so we can do such a cruel thing without compunction.

As a university student, it may be able to understand the theory of relativity.

Can elementary school students understand it?

Can elementary school students who just learned addition and subtraction understand it?

Is it because it’s lazy that they can’t understand?

Is it because that elementary school student’s effort is not enough that they don’t understand?

Of course that elementary school student will grow up to be a university student someday.

If they become a university student, they may be able to understand it.

Can elementary school students understand the theory of relativity at current stage?

Whether elementary school students who have just learned addition and subtraction can understand elliptic functions and group theory or not.

Ask yourself this question.

Suppose you are a university student and you understand the theory of relativity.

If you teach elementary school students that and they don’t understand, can you beat them until they understand?

It’s not logical.

Ask your conscience.

Can you hit them?

You can’t.

Why not?

It is called “mercy”.

We all are equal, but we understand that it is natural that one cannot understand it at the elementary school level.

Even if one doesn’t understand, the one won’t be beaten because you feel sorry for him or her.

This flow of love from top to bottom is called “mercy”.

Of course, the essence of life, whether it is a university student or an elementary school student, is the existence of God, and all of them are equal.

In that sense, equal love is also God’s will.

Equality love alone can be a brutal affection.

This is “mercy” and this is love flowing from top to bottom.

It is the love of God that flows from university students to elementary school students.

The love of parents caring for their children, the love of teachers guiding their disciples kindly, and the love flowing from top to bottom are called “mercy”.

This is the affection that the perfect being loves for the imperfect being.

Therefore, “mercy” is called vertical light.

Therefore, in the “mercy” there is always a “wisdom” which discovers each stage of enlightenment, such as the enlightenment of the elementary school student level, that of the junior high school student level and that of the senior high school student level.

This is the reason for wisdom in Buddhism.

Both “mercy” and “horizontal light” are the same affection of God for humankind, but to make a difference, Mr. Takahashi meant that “love” is “horizontal light” and “mercy” is “vertical light”.

Love is “equal love” and mercy is “love of the discriminator”.

The fundamental mode of existence is one and many, many and one, there is discrimination in equality, equality in discrimination. : Kitaro Nishida

Equality is discrimination and equality is fairness.

In German idealism philosophy, it is said that , “One is all” and “All is one (Hei kai pan)”.

However, “equality” and “discrimination” in Nishida philosophy are different from “equality” and “discrimination” which are generally recognized even if they use the same words.

In general, “equality” and “discrimination” replaced with matters are called “discrimination” and “equality”.

Discrimination on the basis of matter (the body of God), for example, black-and-white discrimination of the skin color, discrimination on the basis of the amount of wealth which the relativity of matter implies, discrimination on the basis of status or honor, etc.

Equality on the basis of matter, even in the case of the right to vote by a ballot per person, is one vote for those who chase after wealth, one vote for those who chase justice, one vote for those who return to heaven, one vote for those who go to hell, one vote for those who have made efforts, one vote for those who have not made efforts, and one vote for those who have done anything.

It is an unfair view of equality that has been replaced by this matter.

Nishida philosophy does not refer to “equality” and “discrimination” which are replaced with the body of God (matter), but refers to the spirit of God (existence) and says that equality is discrimination.

There should not be a bias towards “equality” nor a bias towards “discrimination”.

Equality is discrimination.

One of the permanent features of beauty is the middle between the extremes of everything: Emerson

The mind of God is the middle of the extremes of equality and discrimination.

The mind of God is in the essence of Jesus, and the mind of God is in the essence of Lucifer.

The mind of God is the middle of the extremes of Jesus and Lucifer.

As life evolves and improves, “remedy” becomes a phenomenon as a result.

“Remedy” is the result.

Because it is a result, there is a cause.

The cause is “Enlightenment and reflection”.

If you “enlighten” or “reflect” you will result in “remedy”.

No one can be saved without “enlightenment” and “reflection”.

“Enlightenment and reflection” is “heaven”, remedy is “earth”, and heaven and earth are the one.

Buddhism has preached these “enlightenment” and “reflection”.

Christianity says, “remedy” as the result but Buddhism says, “enlightenment and reflection” which is the cause.

Buddhism, which is closer to the cause (the mind of God) is higher than the result (the body of God) in terms of truth.

This time, too, “happiness” is raised.

Happiness is the cause, and remedy is the result.

Again, having its goal as happiness which is the cause, it is, in truth, superior to Christianity.

This is the identity and difference between love and “mercy”.

The essence of Buddhism is “reflection” and a person will not go to hell if he or she lives a life in which he or she can reflect immediately and correct mistakes.

Reflection is a way to make one’s mind, which can be practiced by anyone, go through with heaven.
In Christianity, love is preached.

Love is sincerity and kindness.

A person will not go to Hell, if he or she lives with sincerity and kindness throughout the life.

If you can live with sincerity and kindness throughout your life, your mind communicates with heaven while you live.

However, under capitalism and neo-liberalism, which place profits on the heavens, and under democracy, which places profits on the heavens through state contracts based on the common interests of the people, some people deceive, entrap, lie, or exploit the weaknesses of others because they place profits on the heavens.

It is difficult to treat deceivers and liars with sincerity and tenderness, and for love to restore its social functions, it is necessary to reform the economic principles and political system from its roots.

It is unreasonable to try to revive love under the current social system.

If you value love, the more you do it, the more you feel hurt, or you feel the emptiness of the good will.

It is a fact that the mind of a person who intends to live one’s life with sincerity and kindness, no matter how much getting hurt, communicates with ‘heaven’ while the one is alive.

God will never overlook the one’s mind.

The essence of love is “sympathy” but again, the angel of light and ordinary people have different perceptions.

In general, you’re not out of your ego, so you’re not out of relativity and comparative view of it.

I who has wealth would sympathize with others who have no wealth.

I am smart so I would sympathize with others who are not smart.

I am happy so I would sympathize with others who are not happy,
The angel of light has no these kind of “fake sympathy” .

At a stage where enlightenment is still immature, one can insist, “I really don’t want people to sympathize with me.” because, even with good intentions, the one has “a false sympathy” that he or she sympathizes with others who are inferior to him or her.

In other words, there are cases where people live for the purpose of educational background, status, money, or career, insisting that they absolutely do not want to go to a third-rate company, that they absolutely do not want to be poor, that is, “I never want to be sympathized.” from a comparative viewpoint.

If this kind of sympathy is called sympathy, certainly no one wants to be sympathized.

The angel of light has no such state of mind.

The essence of love is “sympathy” and refers to the state of the mind of oneness with others.

The angel of light makes the mind of God as the mind.

The mind of God is the fundamental essence of human life.

The angel of light is the existence which makes the essence of life a yardstick of the mind.

The “sympathy” of the angel of light means, for example, that there is a murderer here.

The mind of God also exists in the essence of a murderer’s life.

Everyone’s life experiences are all different, but the essence of life is the same in “the existence of God” and we are all the same.

The angel of light looks here and lives here as a yardstick of mind.

If I had lived the same life as the murderer, I would have become the murderer itself.

Although the exact same life experience is not realistic, I sympathize with him or her from the point of view that if I had been born to the exact same parents, exactly the same friends, exactly the same circumstances, and exactly the same family environment, I would have been the murderer himself or herself.

This is the sympathy of the angel of light.

Because the essence of the life of the murderer is the same God as the essence of my own life, is equal, and there is no difference whatsoever.

The sympathy of the angel is to feel compassion as if I had been the murderer myself if I had been in the exact same circumstances and situations as the murderer, and if I had been said the exact same words.

We have exactly the same God, so if someone is put in exactly the same environment, education, thoughts, customs, circumstances, parents, friends, etc., as the murderer, the one sympathize with the murderer because we think we are the same existence as the murderer.

It is not sympathy which arises from matter, this comparative view, but sympathy which arises from life, this oneness with others and God itself.

This is the sympathy of the angel, so the essence of the angel is “the practice of love”.

Therefore, in Buddhism, this angel of light is called Bodhisattva, and Bodhisattva is “The World of Love”.

The reference point of the mind is not in the relative world of matter, but in the reference point of the mind of God in our midst.

And the “love” that emerges from this angel of light’s sympathy is “love” that is, “love halves suffering and doubles pleasure” .

Love that unites oneself and others halves the suffering of others and doubles the joy of others.

This is “love”.

Love comes from oneness with others and God itself, not from the superficial matter.

Jesus must have said before.

“Let’s say here’s a shepherd with 100 sheep.

One of the sheep has strayed from the flock.

What will the shepherd do then? ”

A shepherd is a symbol of a person who lives in ”love”.

“The shepherd goes to find the stray sheep even though he leaves the 99 sheep.”

That’s what Jesus have said.

Jesus won’t abandon anyone.

Jesus saves every one of them.

What does the harmony mean if you leave one sheep out and these 99 sheep get along?

All are the son of God, where God dwells.

Jesus would have said that the will of the heavenly Father is to save everyone.

Neither one will be abandoned.

A stray sheep suffers 100% suffering alone.

Don’t turn a blind eye to it.

The suffering is reduced from 100% to 50%.

The shepherd goes to look for it to carry half the suffering.

To double his joy, the shepherd leaves 99 sheep alone and goes to find the stray sheep.

This is the ”love” which Jesus preached.

“Love halves sorrow and doubles pleasure”

Love is also called multiplication, not addition.

If 10 people and 10 people are united by love, the power is not 20 but 10 × 10, 100.

It will overcome the limitations of 10 individual powers.

This is love of equality, that is “horizontal light”.

This is the rough explanation for “the identity and difference between love and mercy”.

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