The law of horizon Ⅲ

The source of all goodness is the heart (spirit) of God, and the source of all evil is the body (matter) of God.

The body of God, the source of all evil, is a manifestation of the heart of God, the source of all good. They are one because the spirit is the matter.

The universe is a great manifestation of God’s ethics, and this ethics is called truth.

The source of all evil, matter, is forever ruled by God’s heart.

In other words, in this universe, all evil is forever ruled by God’s justice.

God teaches mankind how to live through the universe and the natural world.

God teaches us that justice should rule evil.

God teaches us to always put God’s justice in “heaven” and God’s body in “earth”.

However, in modern civilization, the evils of wealth and national interests are placed in “heaven” and rule justice.

The body of God rules the heart of God.

Mankind does not live as God indicates in the universe.

So, the world is corrupt on a global scale.

Therefore, it is this matter, the so-called body of God, that rules all these evils, such as evil in human society and evil of the devil.

The devil can only live according to the attributes of this matter, and can only take thoughts and actions with the attributes of the matter.

The attribute denoted by matter is relativity, and this relative thing is put in “heaven” and worshiped.

Relative wealth and national interests are put in “heaven,” corrupting the whole world.

In addition, comparing oneself and others from the relative comparative view of matter, they are biased to the extremes of superiority and inferiority, the upper and lower, pain and pleasure, left and right, and deviate from the middle course.

Since the spirit is the main and the matter is the subordinate, the human beings who strengthened the ego are dominated by this “subordination”. They are dominated by this subordination, fall into status honorism, celebrityism, educational backgroundism, and lose their spirits.

Also, the spirit is the quality, and the matter means the quantity. Therefore, human beings who put their ego in “heaven” are dominated by this “quantity”. They are particular about the amount and take thoughts and actions that they are proud of quantity.

Also, those with low enlightenment who are far from the higher selves and close to the ego are always controlled by the body of God, so they are controlled by the “temporary” attribute of this matter.

Then they stick to these temporary things, such as the idols of the time, the actors and actresses, the movies and the Taiga dramas(they are large-scale、long-running TV series focused on historical events). They also know the names of actors and actresses, and become more familiar with them than the truth.

Since the reality is immutable and the phenomenon is impermanent, human beings who are proud to put their ego in “heaven” are dominated by this impermanence because they also put matter in “heaven”.

Then, what they say and do is a phenomenon that is impermanent, so it changes from one to another.

Because the phenomenon is impermanent, what they said earlier is different from what they said later. The impermanence of this matter reveals the “contradiction” of truth.

The devil also exploits the weaknesses that are the attributes of matter, seduces mankind with profits, puts their power in “heaven”, and is dominated by subordination. Therefore, the devil has a ferocious desire for control, and divides the subjective and the objective according to the relativity of matter and tells lies. He cannot escape the rule of the attributes of this body of God, and will do bad things on the palm of the body of God.

This is the true identity of the devil.

It is this body of God, the matter, that forever controls all the evils of this earthly world and the evils of the devil in the afterlife.

Evil, as it is commonly called, can only take thoughts and actions with the attributes of this matter.

It is the heart of God that rules heaven.

It is the body of God that rules hell.

God rules both worlds forever.

And it is the heart of God that forever rules the body of God, which rules the evil committed by humans and the evil committed by the devil forever.

In Christianity, searching for all the various sources of evil leads to the ego, so I think that Christians have taught the ego to be evil and to abandon it. But the ego is the lowest good, not evil, as long as it is relative.

God has not made a single piece of evil.

There is no single evil in God’s creation.

The ego and matter are the lowest good, so if they are put in “heaven” and aimed at, evil that God did not originally create will become a phenomenon.

God merely creates good that is close to God and good that is far from God, that is, “divine order,” and does not create a piece of evil.

He merely creates values ​​that are gradually distant from divine values, like gradations, creating high and low levels and order in divine values.

“Everything has stages and degrees”, this is quoted from Emerson.

Even if good is the standard, there are stages and degrees.

The general public concludes that this low good is evil because it is low, and creates evil that does not originally exist at that time.

God has not created a piece of evil in this universe.

For example, desire is often called evil, but this is the lowest good, and since it is the lowest good, if you put it in “heaven” and aim for it, evil that does not originally exist will become a phenomenon.

Even though it is the lowest good, there is pleasure because it was created by God.

The ego, desire, matter, power, status, honor, etc. cannot all be put in “heaven” as the purpose because they are the lowest good, but they cannot be denied as evil.

Matter cannot be aimed at and cannot be denied.

God’s way is to enter the middle of the extremes of purpose and denial.

However, an immature personality is biased towards either this purpose or denial.

Whether they aim for desire or deny it as evil, they are biased towards these two extremes.

Desire makes evil if it is aimed at, and it makes evil even if it is denied.

This is the action of the ego, neither of which can be said to come true to the heart of God.

The middle course is the heart of God, but the more religious people are, the less accurately they can capture this matter.

The correct way for matter, which is the “earth,” is to enter the middle path between the extremes of purpose and denial, that is, the “middle path of the earth.”

This is the material “middle path of the earth”, but the heart of God is the “middle path of the heaven.” When you enter both of the “middle path of the heaven” and the “middle path of the earth”, that is, the middle path of the heaven and the earth, it is the true middle path and the path of enlightenment.

Most people do not enter this middle path, that is, the heart of God, and are biased toward either purpose or denial.

Because they have immaturities far from the higher selves and close to the ego, they are biased from this ego’s relativity.

“The permanent qualities of beauty are in the middle of the extremes of everything,” this is quoted from Emerson.

The idea of ​​seeing the ego as evil is consequentialism and materialism.

As a result, we see the ego as evil because it commits evil, but there is a cause in the result.

The cause is the body of God and the matter.

The ego cannot do evil alone without the presence of matter.

The relativity of the ego and the relativity of the matter are conductive, and as a result, the ego commits evil with the attributes of the matter.

Therefore, the source of all evil is not the ego, but the body of God and matter.

Hence, at this point, the idea of ​​original sin is denied.

The idea of children of sin is the idea of expedient, and human beings are not children of sin, but children of God who have the heart of God in their spirits.

We are children of justice, children of goodness, children of love.

Just as we cannot abandon the physical universe, we cannot abandon our ego.

As long as the ego is relative, it is the lowest good, and because it is the lowest good, if it is put in “heaven” as the purpose, matter is also put in “heaven,” and the whole world is going to corrupt.

So why did we put our ego in “heaven”?

Because mankind lost faith in God.

That’s it.

The lack of faith in God led to corruption all over the world.

Mankind needs to regain a legitimate faith in God based on the correct knowledge of God.

Otherwise, we will not be able to save the human race and the world that are corrupt so far.

Truth is like salvage, the same as pulling a sunken ship on the seabed to the surface of the sea.

It lifts the sunken world from the seabed.

The “law of the horizon” is a universal value standard of good and evil that humankind and the world will never sink to the bottom of the sea ever again.

“What God likes” is the sky, and “what humans like” is the ocean.

“What God likes” is the improvement and evolution of the spirit of each human being, and “what humans like” is profit.

Spirit and matter, truth and benefit, unification and contradiction are one, because spirit is matter, truth is profit, and unification is contradiction.

The truth is unification, and the interests are contradictions.

Unification is contradiction, and these two are bilateral sides of one reality.

Therefore, if there is no unification, there will be no contradiction, and if there is no contradiction, there will be no unification.

If there is no such thing as matter and contradiction, which is unified, it will not be possible to unify what is unified, and the direction of unification will disappear.

What unifies and what is unified is unification which is also contradiction, and both are inseparable, and bilateral aspects of reality.

“The reality as itself is the truth,” this is quoted from Kitaro Nishida.

Toward unification will bring out all the legitimate interests that mankind desires.

The profit that comes out at this time is a real profit that does not corrupt the world.

This is God’s law of prosperity.

Modern interests are unjustified and therefore corrupt.

The body of God, this natural world represents the benefits that nourish our body. This natural world is inextricably linked to the heart of God.

However, the interests of our civilization are cut off and not tied to the heart of God.

So, the natural world is rich, but our civilization is vulgar and poor.

Many people have fallen into hell in modern age because of their poor minds.

Since the modern age is a world that cuts off truth and profits and pursues only profits, it cannot escape corruption and the collapse of civilization.

The immaturity, which is far from justice and close to profit, is creating such a civilization.

“What God likes” is the sky, and “what humans like” is the ocean.

However, “what God likes” and “what humans like” are one on the horizon where the sky and the ocean intersect.

Only when “what God likes” is realized, all “what humans like” will be realized.

“What God likes” is the creation of human beings who “know good and evil like God.”

To know the heart of God is to know all good, and to know the body of God is to know all evil.

To know the heart of God and the body of God.

In other words, the creation of human beings who know the universe is the creation of humans who know good and evil just like God.

They are human beings who know all of God’s heart, know all of his good, evil, beauty, ugliness, and truth, and they can do things according to them.

By improving our spirits, we will make “salvation of all humankind” a phenomenon and eradicate “crime”.

We will immerse the spirit to the “sky” and awake to the improvement of the spirit, make “economic prosperity” a phenomenon, and realize “world peace”.

By improving our spirits, we will eradicate “diseases” and abolish the “death penalty system”.

By improving our spirits, we will eradicate “hunger” and eliminate “distress.”

By improving our spirits, we will increase “mutual trust and understanding” and eliminate the “hell world.”

Until now, to put it in a metaphorical way, no one has mastered this “law of the horizon.” Therefore, it seems that in many cases, people immersed themselves in “what humans like”, the so-called “profit of the ocean” in good faith, and divided the world.

It is a civilization that sinks to the bottom of the sea for the benefit of the ocean.

Those who cannot swim will drown.

They sink in a biased manner toward “what humans like.”

“What God likes” is “the sky”, and “what humans like” is “the ocean.”

When the “horizon” is drawn on one’s own spirit, it can be clearly distinguished that the “sky” is above the “horizon” and the “ocean” is below the “horizon.”

However, if people are not very sure about this “horizon”, they cannot recognize the “horizon”. As a result, the “sky” is blue, the “ocean” is also blue, and everything is all blue, so it becomes difficult to know where the boundary between “what God likes” and “what humans like” is.

If the “horizon” is removed, the “sky” is blue, and the “ocean” is also blue, everything is all blue, which means that “what God likes” and “what humans like” cannot be distinguished.

At this time, human beings inevitably try to protect themselves and are biased toward the easy direction, so-called “what humans like”, so-called salvation of all humankind, eradication of crime, environmental protection and eradication of diseases, economic prosperity and world peace because of the ego.

In other words, it means that we are biased toward what we like, the so-called “ocean,” and recognize them as good, such as “salvation of all humankind”, “eradication of crime”, “economic prosperity”, “environmental protection”, “eradication of diseases”, “world peace”, and so on.

We recognize evil as good.

It is caused by the immaturity of humankind, which is far from justice and close to profit, far from the spirit and close to matter.

Mankind immerses himself in the “ocean”, collides with icebergs of wealth and national interest, and sinks mankind and the world like Titanic.

It would be nice if RMS Carpathia came soon, but this has been called the great selection at the end of the century since ancient times.

The “law of the horizon” is not outside, but draws a “horizon” in one’s spirit. It sums up everything.

“What God like” and “what humans like” are forever one. By gaining insight into this intersecting line, we draw a “straight line” in our spirit.

Both the spiritual law and the physical law are recognized by our hearts.

As far as we are aware of both “what God likes” and “what humans like”, we can say that they are in the midst of us.

In the midst of our spirit, we draw a “straight line” by gaining insight into the intersecting line between “what God likes” and “what humans like”, higher self and ego, spiritual law and physical law, good and evil.

This is the only ultimate truth.

Most human beings cannot draw this “straight line” into their own spirit.

That is because there are too many people who are ignorant of the truth.

The infinite ultimate truth, the “end of the universe”, and the far north of good and evil are this “law of the horizon”.

If everyone can draw this “straight line” in their minds, it is the salvation of the whole world.

This “straight horizon” is the universal standard of value for humankind, and the “heart of God”, the center of it.

The “law of horizon” draws a “straight line” in one’s spirit, it sums up everything.

Once upon a time, Pope Benedict Eleven asked Giotto to show him his skill as a painter, Giotto gave him just a circle.

“We must morally obtain this Giotto circle,” said Kitaro Nishida.

Giotto wrote a circle when asked to show his skill as a painter.

If I were told by God Himself to show the ultimate in my heart as a child of God and to show my skill as apostle of that truth, I would draw a “straight line” on the paper and give it to God.

God will surely smile.

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