Elysium Ⅱ

Elysium, the eternal utopia, is not the world we will create in future.

It is a world that already exists forever in each person’s subconscious mind (the afterlife).

People have long preached that heaven is a happy world and hell is an unhappy world.

The hell world is not a world created by God, but a world created by the false thoughts of humankind after death.

God has never created a single piece of evil.

There is no piece of evil in the universe.

That is why Emerson said that nature is perfect.

Therefore, those who have fallen into hell cannot leave the hell until their thoughts of evil are corrected by reflection based on the heart of God.

If you are reluctant to use the word “God”, you can paraphrase it “your conscience.”

Many people will fall into hell this time as well. Once you have fallen into hell, you have no choice but to reflect based on your conscience.

It is very unreasonable to fall into hell for hundreds of years after death because of 80 years of physical life.

As Oscar Wilde once said, humans are chasing profits, but in fact they don’t know anything about real profits.

Even today, it manifests itself in the form of climate change and the extinction of living organisms.

While seeking profits, humanity is only gaining disadvantages.

Profit and disadvantage, pleasure and discomfort are bilateral sides of the coin and cannot be cut off.

It means that the heart of God and the body of God are one, and the truth and profit are one.

The true benefit can only be obtained by the heart of God, which is called the prosperity of God.

In any case, no one can return to heaven from the hell world without “reflection”.

Heaven is the world of those who have made their hearts and consciences the same.

Depending on the weight of sin, the hell world is also based on the heart of God, and you cannot leave the hell world until you unify your heart and the heart of God.

If you make them the same, you can return to heaven.

Once you fall into hell, you will not be burned by the fire of hell forever.

God is not the ruthless being to do such thing.

Whether in your lifetime or in hell, if they unify their heart with their conscience through “reflection,” you can quickly get out of hell.

People outside Japan may not be familiar with this thought. However, in Japan, it has already been clarified by the “spiritual phenomenon” of the GLA.

In any case, you cannot return to heaven without “reflection”, so you must “reflect”.

If you stubbornly refuse to “reflect” even though you have fallen into hell, you just continue to live in the hell world.

Then, if you look back on the past and are likely to fall into hell, we recommend that you “reflect” when you are still alive.

That is why the essence of Buddhism is “reflection”.

Christianity has preached this “reflection” as “repentance.”

Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand .: Matthew 3-2, 4-17

When you “reflect”, your surface consciousness connects to the heaven in the subconscious.

The only way to build Elysium in this world is to accurately clarify the structure and mechanism of the multidimensional world that exists in the subconscious, and then build a world based on them.

Elysium is a world in which all human beings are happy, or in other words, a world in which no one falls into hell.

Again, humanity has no choice.

If we do not build Elysium in this world, there will be no end to falling into hell because of this world. The population of hell will only increase and will not decrease.

Of course, High Spirit has taken the trouble to go down to the hell world to rescue evil spirits and demons. However, no matter how much the high spirit saves evil spirits, the world will cause humans to fall into hell.

That is why the population growth of the hell world does not stop.

This is called the melena–bloody bowel discharge–of God, but the only way to stop the melena of God is to build Elysium in this world.

And as the population of the hell world grows, evil spirits will also add various evil interferences to the earthly world and disturb it.

In that sense, humankind has no choice in the future.

Just as an individual walks “life” to know the true self, so does humanity as a whole walks “history” to know the true self.

Just as an individual has an eternal purpose, so does humanity as a whole.

This is the construction of Elysium, the creation of Eden’s paradise, and the construction of the Earth Utopia.

The existence that brings Elysium to our civilization is called the heart of God.

It is the core of the Earth Utopia.

Faith in God will move toward this “eternal equality” hereafter.

The question is whether “equality” really “exists” or “does not exist” in humankind.

It seems to be a simple question, but it’s the most important supreme question.

This can be the core issue in the construction of Elysium.

This is closely related to the question of whether God exists or not, and thus to the question of human faith in God.

It is the core of faith.

The question of the existence of “equality” is exactly the same as the question of the existence of God.

If “equality” exists, then God exists, and if “equality” does not exist, then God does not exist.

In other words, if there is no “equality” in humankind, then there would be no God, so we could conclude that all faith in God would be a delusion.

Because it’s the same as we believe in something that doesn’t exist.

It is blind faith or fanaticism that is common in religion.

Is there “equality” in humankind or not?

As I mentioned in “The Democratic Testament of God,” if people are “equal,” then what they and others have, whether past, present, or future, must be exactly the same, and of the same size and quantity.

There should never be a difference.

Unless people are exactly the same, of the same size, of the same quantity, and of the same quality, it cannot be called “equal.”

Whether it is humanity in the past, present or future, there must be no slight difference between what we and others have.

If there is even the slightest difference, we do not call it “equality.”

Even in the human body, the exact same body does not exist. Even in personality, there is no “equality” because of differences in individuality.

The human body of the past, the human body of the present, and the human body that will be born in the future are all different, and in that sense they never be equal.

If there is even the slightest difference, we do not call it “equality.”

There is no “equality” based on the human body.

Where there is no equality, there is no commonality of humankind. Therefore, if we define “human beings are the physical body”, there cannot be no universal value.

So, we cannot define “human beings are the body”.

There is no choice but to define that “human beings are personalities and hearts.”

Since the heart cannot be seen, human beings are practically transparent.

So, what is that “heart”?

Personalities are unique to each other, and there is no personality of exactly the same size, homogeneity, and quantity.

Based on human surface consciousness, there is no “equality” because of the personality, like the physical body.

All the bodies are different, and all the personalities are also different.

When we look at humans superficially, there is no “equality” anywhere.

The same is true for past and future humans. Even if they are compared, they have neither the same size nor the same quality and the same amount of body and personality.

Nothing is the same in their thoughts, feelings, and intellects.

As far as the body and spirit of each human being is concerned, there is no “equality”.

And the absence of “equality” means that humankind has no commonality and no universality. Since there is no universality, there is no universal value.

It means that there is nothing in common with you and others.

Here comes the situation where we have no choice but to consider the subconscious mind (the afterlife), not the surface consciousness of human beings.

The subconscious is the world of the afterlife.

When we define what humans are, we have no choice but to bring up the existence of the afterlife.

If the afterlife does not exist, that is, the subconscious does not exist, we only have the ego and its surface consciousness and body.

When we look at what exists, there would be no “equality” anywhere, so humankind’s commonality would be completely lost.

Nothing is more scary than the loss of “equality”, because it means that all of the universal values ​​of mankind are deceptive and do not exist.

That is, if human beings only care about their personality and body, there is no “equality” there.

Therefore, the commonality of humankind disappears, and all universal values disappear from that moment.

The destination of superficial humanism is the loss of “view of equality.”

Or blind faith and delusions that assume that a non-existent “view of equality” exists without grounds.

That is the perception of modern humankind.

Since we originally believe in equality without grounds, so none of us can show the grounds when asked “show the grounds for equality” or “what is equality”.

This is because if we deny the existence of God and the afterlife, “equality” cannot exist anywhere.

And if we could justify the existence of that equality, we would have not in an era of such widespread atheism.

The only basis for equality for us humanity is the existence of God.

Of the things that oneself and others have, the existence of exactly the same size, homogeneity, and quantity is only the existence of God in the essence of the human mind.

There is no slight difference between oneself and others.

Even if we compare the human race of the past and the future with the human race of the present, there is no slight difference, and they are completely the same.

In other words, the essence of the Archangels has the heart of God, and the essence of the Devil has the exact same existence of God.

All beings in heaven, this world, and hell are forever equal only under God through the past, present, and future.

Therefore, if we deny the existence of God, there is no equality in humankind in the past, present, and future.

The essence of Jesus who came back this time also has the existence of God, and the essence of Allah also has the same existence of God.

Since God is the grand one who unifies the universe, the absolute contradiction between Jesus and Allah is aufheben by the existence of God.

It is modern people who have lost their faith in God.

And the fact that modern civilization is in an era of atheism means that the world must be corrupt, and in fact, that’s the case.

It means that when humans put themselves in the center, “equality” disappears.

This is because there is no “equality” or commonality anywhere in the personality and body.

There is no equality in humanism.

There is no “equality” when only the human body and surface consciousness are considered. Therefore, it is inevitable to bring out the subconscious mind behind the surface consciousness, that is, the existence of the afterlife.

People may be free to deny the existence of the afterlife.

However, if we deny the existence of it, we will lose our “view of equality.”

The commonality of humankind will be lost, and all universal values will become illusions and deceptions.

The true nature of the universal values ​​that humankind has valued until now would be “deception,” “illusion,” and “facade” that do not exist.

Justice would be “deception”, love would be “illusion”, and mercy would be “facade”.

People know their importance in their hearts, but they would be like that.

The heart of God would become a mere delusion.

Therefore, the existence of the world cannot be denied.

Some people argue about the existence of the afterlife or insist that they believe or disbelieve in it. In fact, it’s indisputable.

Without the afterlife (subconscious), our world has no universal value.

That is, without it, God would not exist.

If the afterlife (subconscious) exists, our world has universal value.

That is, if it exists God also exists.

The existence of the afterlife (subconscious) means the existence of “eternity.” Under “eternity”, all human beings in the past, present, and future can be said to be “equal.”

In this “eternity”, there is no slight difference between us and others.

They are exactly the same size, same quality and same quantity.

In that sense, “eternity” can be said to be another name for God.

The world where that “eternity” is realized is the afterlife.

That is, when we deny “eternity,” we lose all of our universal values.

It is the same as when we deny the existence of God, we lose all of the universal values ​​we cared.

Therefore, the existence of God and the afterlife cannot be denied.

Some people in this world discuss the existence and belief of God, which is the most important to us.

But this issue of God’s existence is also indisputable on our part. We have to admit the existence of God.

Even if you want to deny it, you can’t.

Unless we have to admit the existence of justice in this world, we have to admit the existence of God as well.

Justice can be brought back to the afterlife, but wealth cannot be brought back to the afterlife.

Wisdom can be brought back to the afterlife, but national interests cannot be brought back to the afterlife.

Love can be brought back to the afterlife, but land and property cannot be brought back to the afterlife.

Sincerity and kindness can be brought back to the afterlife, but the body cannot be brought back to the afterlife.

The fact that wisdom, justice, love, sincerity, and kindness can be brought back to the afterlife means that it has “eternal value.”

The afterlife is a world that proves eternity and a world that proves eternal value.

And only this “eternal value” will purify the whole world.

“Eternity” saves the earth means that only God can save the earth.

Elysium construction means that the heart of God is at the center, as in the afterlife.

It means that Elysium cannot be made on earth by denying the existence of God and the existence of the afterlife.

It means that humankind should no longer misunderstand the existence of God from now on.

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