The meaning of life is to prove the existence of God 2


The moral proof is Kant’s method of proof, but I also describe it here just in case.

The body is a matter.

When we live in the illusion of perceiving our bodies as ourselves, we have the illusion that if our bodies die and perish, our brain cells will perish, our brains will be lost, our minds will be lost, and our perception of true beauty will be lost.

The theory that recognition is a reflection of the brain is false and arbitrary.

Because, if recognition continues in the world after the brain has been lost, it can’t be determined that recognition is a reflection of the brain.

Still, if you decide that perception is a reflection of the brain, then that decision is arbitrary.

If you insist that recognition is a reflection of the brain, then there is no such thing as goodness, truth and beauty, so called morality of good & evil, beauty & ugliness and authenticity.

The recognition and purpose of good & evil, beauty & ugliness and authenticity, and the intention to practice them, perish with the loss of the brain, and vanish.

Because recognition is a reflection of the brain, the will to justice, the perception of good and evil, all disappear with the loss of the brain.

Naturally, the goal becomes egoism, which tends to gain wealth and national interests.

Even if there is a person who denounces the egoism, the person who denounces the egoism also becomes nothing, so that the denunciation has no moral coercive force and effectiveness.

Kant once preached that good is not free, whether done or not and that it is the duty that “You must do just good.”

This “You must do just good.” order is preached in Kant philosophy as a moral order.

In order for a moral order to be established, one cannot have a view of life that is to be dead and become nothing.

Kant’s moral proof is the theory that the existence of God and immortality of spirits (heaven) are necessarily required for morality and the value of good & evil, beauty & ugliness and authenticity to be established in this world, not in the other world.

He said that justice and good cannot be realized in this world when death equals nothing.

In ‘brother of Kalamazov’ Dostoevsky says that if there is no immortality of spirit, there is no good, and everything is forgiven.

He said that even eating human flesh was allowed.

He also said, without the existence of God, everything is forgiven.

Even if there is a person who denounces it, the person who denounces it is also no longer immortal, so he becomes nothing, and the accusation becomes invalid and the accusation itself becomes nothing.

Egoism will get eternal victory, and the weak good will live forever in the delusion of justice and God.

Dostoevsky seems to have known the moral proof, and as Kant says, the existence of God and immortality of spirit are necessary for good and evil and truth, that is, morality, to be established in this world.

Dostoevsky said, in relation to this moral testimony of Kant, that if one were to say so, he said that he had to admit the existence of God and immortality of spirit from one side, and that he had to accept it from the other side.

Kant preached in the Critique of Practical Reason that the existence of God and immortality of spirit (the other world) were required as necessary things for good & evil, and morality to be realized in this world.

He preached that if one argued good & evil and justice on the one hand and denied the existence of God and immortality of the spirit on the other, that view of life was contradictory.

The justice and the good & evil that the one argues are arguments that can only be made if there is the existence of God and the immortality of the spirit, and if he denies the existence of God and the immortality of the spirit, the justice and the good that he argues become nothing, so it is nothing but a vain and false argument.

No matter how one claims justice, he denies the existence of God and the immortality of the spirit, so the justice of those who claim is not the value of existence, but the justice which all goes to nothing with the loss of the brain.

He insists on meaningless justice which vanishes.

It is their brain cells that will disappear someday, not justice.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.: Matthew 24 -35

The body will disappear, and justice will never disappear.

Truth never disappear.

This is Kant’s moral proof.

As far as this proof is concerned, in the Nishida philosophy, it is true that this method gives great power to our morals, but just because morality and ethics are necessary on our part, it does not mean that the existence of God and immortality of the spirit must exist.

He criticizes this theory as expedient.

It is not a denial, but it cannot be said as a sufficient proof.

I admit, however, that he has the power of thought which does not deny the existence of God and immortality of spirits.

Dr. Nishida’s criticism is from the point of view of meaning in life.

That criticism is that God does not exist to maintain our morality and ethics, but we ourselves exist for God.

If God exists to maintain the morality and ethics of our imperfect human being, then for what does the human being itself exist?

The moral proof is a criticism from the point of view that it cannot explain the purpose and mission of life, or the meaning of human existence..
I have now dealt with the cosmological proof, the Natural theological proof, and the moral proof.

Fourth and last, I’ll deal with the ontological proof.

Unlike traditional philosophical arguments, this is the original of the site.

This is a method of proof that God does not need to prove because of the existence of God.

The universe is not a conducted work of God like an artist but a manifestation of God: Kitaro Nishida

The universe is the representation of God, the body of God, and the temple of God.

Look at the universe in front of you.

You can see it.

He says this universe is the body of God.

God exists in front of us.

The existence of God cannot be denied unless the existence of the great universe in front of the eyes can be denied.

This is the ontological proof.

God exists as long as the universe exists.

It’s indisputable.

So I said it’s a proof that you don’t have to prove.

Is there anyone in the world who can deny the existence of the universe before us?

No one can ever deny the existence of the universe through 3 phase of the past, the present, or the future.

In other words, there will be no one who can deny the existence of God forever.

Speaking of the mind of God, some people may not understand it.

And no matter how ignorant and immature a man may be, God himself never make his children deny the existence of God, and expresses himself as a universe so that children cannot deny it.

Is there anyone who can deny the existence of the large universe in front of the eyes?

No, there isn’t.

That means there is no one who can deny the existence of God.

It’s just that we humankind don’t know the fact that the universe is God.

We just don’t know that nature is the cell of the body of God.

If we are so small that we are suddenly confronted with the immense, enormous, immense existence of the great universe, it is so great that we just don’t realize that it is God.

We humankind are too small to realize that enormous, immense existence of the great universe is god, due to the fact that it is extremely gigantic existence in front of us.

Thus, whether we notice it or not, the great universe is God, so God rule all mankind, past, present and future, happily without exception.

Extremely small (human being) is equal to the maximum (space).

The mind of God and the body of God, that is, life and matter, that make up the universe govern everything forever.

It’s not just 7.7 billion humankind.

All the children of God in the universe living on other stars are forever controlled by “Life and matter”.

In this great universe, there is no one, either in the other world or in this world, that is placed outside the framework of the mind and the body of God.

Because the universe is God.

So God governs eternally in the mind and body of the most infinitesimal human beings.

If the universe is the body of God, of course there is also the mind of God that expresses the universe.

The mind of God is forever seated on the primordial essence of every life.

The spirit of every humankind is inextricably linked to the mind of God, which at its root expressed the universe.

We human beings are connected to the universe (the existence of God) forever.

It has been said that God is with us.

So the more you know your own mind, the more you come close to God’s mind.

Socrates said “Know thyself”, so God is in thee, and to know thyself is to know God in thee, and that means to know everything in all.

The Kingdom of God is not here and there to be seen.

The kingdom of God is in your midst: Jesus Christ.

Yes, it’s in your subconscious.

The spiritual world of heaven and the world of hell are developing in the subconscious of the inner self, and it is ultimately connected to the God of the great universe.

The German philosopher HegeI, I think he can be called the top European philosopher in this point, has said that the matter and essence of the spirit, that is, God is the absolute negativity in the concept of ego identity.

It is said that ego identity refers to one’s identity, that is, surface consciousness and ego, and that God exists where this surface consciousness is absolutely denied.

Because God exists in the life of each individual, Emerson preaches belief in God as the idea of self-reliance.

As eternal beings, this God rules everything with happiness.

God dominates the mind and body of all mankind, past, present and future, without exception.

The body of each human being must be nourished and kept alive by the body of God.
If you plant some kind of seed in the natural world, which is the body of God, crops will grow and we live on them.

Regardless of the religious sect, the natural world provides water and air equally to humankind to live.

If you live by your own power, please live by the freedom of choice which mankind is proud of.

No humankind can live.

You may have the freedom to choose not to drink water and not to eat food.

Yes, there may be.

If so, I would like you to exercise your freedom of choice and to live without breathing air by making full use of your freedom of choice.

It’s great to be alive for three minutes.

We don’t live, but we are kept alive in the natural world, the body of God.

We have to eat food, drink water, and breathe air.

If you deny this, nobody will live and everyone will die.

We are not living, we are forced to be alive.

There is no room for choice here.

Then, you should humbly consider the meaning of why you are kept alive.

The world economy and its activities are not all wealth, but the nature of God’s body and the mind of God that expresses it are the essence.

“The essence” can be defined as a thing whose whole becomes meaningless if one of them is missing.

The loss of wealth from economic principles does not mean the loss of human economic activity, but the loss of nature means the loss of entire economic activity.

The essence of the economy is not wealth, but clearly the body of God and the mind of God that expresses it.

The loss of God’s mind from life is the same as the loss of the life of the whole humankind.

Therefore, the essence of human life is called the mind of God.

When the mind of God is lost, the universality of values and ideas, and the whole of life, are lost meaninglessly.

For example, when we make cars, we extract iron from the body of God called the natural world.

So humankind makes cars, buy and sell them, and do economic activities.

Rare earths from smartphones and personal computers are also taken from God’s body and sold and bought to run economic activities.

Crude oil is also extracted from the natural environment, and is refined into gasoline, heavy oil, light oil, kerosene and liquefied gas.

People use heavy oil, light oil, or gasoline to operate automobiles, airplanes, or factory machinery.

People use kerosene for heating and make meals with gas for economic activities.

It is clearly the body of God (the natural world), not wealth, that nourishes the body through economic activities.

Whether it is agriculture or economic activity, the body of God nourishes all and makes them alive.

It will be forever through the past, the present and the future.

All human beings depend on the body of God for their economic activities.

It is the body of God that makes use of the body.

It is the mind of God that makes use of the spirit.

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.: Matthew 4 -4

The body lives by the body of God, but the spirit lives by the mind of God.

The body cannot live by the mind of God, nor the spirit by the body of God.

The body can only live by bread, but the mind can only live by the mind of God.

Both body and spirit live by the body and mind of God.

That is to say, they live by the universe.

The foundation of human existence is the existence of God.

The universe is God, and God has control over everything forever, so naturally God also controls all of human thought, values, philosophy, and religious thought.

The superficial consciousness, that is, the ego, has only relative characteristics, such as knowledge, thought, concept, recognition, and feeling.

The body of God, or matter, as Dr. Einstein put it, is space-time, and time and space are relative.

This means that the existence of universe has only relative authority.

But the universe is an absolute being.

It forever controls all of human values, life views and world views.

Therefore, in this universe under the control of God, if the ego is the main subject because people do not understand that fact mentioned above, the relativity of the ego and the relativity of matter are linked, and the thoughts and actions are governed by the body of God and have the attributes of matter.

It’s because the great universe controls the entire human race forever.

The attributes of a matter are profits.

When life evolves and improves due to faith in God and enlightenment, what appears as a result (the mind of God) of this cause (the body of God) is called profit, and worshipping this leads to worship of profit belief.

The unfaithful ego always becomes a self-standard and is governed by the body of God (matter).

Then, it will be controlled by its interests and national interests, which is placed in the “heavens”, and destroy ecosystems and nature.

Matter is relative, profit is relative, and the national interest is relative and is governed by this relativity.

It should be under control.

By making this unfaithful ego subjective, it is controlled by the body of God, placing it in the “heavens” for the purpose of wealth and national interest, and even causing climate change.

Also, those who are based on ego as a subject are always under the control of matter in this great universe, so they see human beings in matter, that is, a body.

Then, it discriminates against the black and white or yellow color of the body’s skin, and causes a problem of racial discrimination.

Recently, there has been a problem of natural and gene rich that discriminate by the superiority of inferiority of genes in the body.

The arrogant eugenism comes from the mistaken view of matter that regards this human being as a body.

It is a big mistake to discriminate against the personality in which the mind of God resides due to the black-and-white nature of the skin and the superiority of genes..

It is said to be wrong because they worship the body of God instead of the mind of God.

These are all equivalent to idolatry worshipping matter.

In this great universe, if you strengthen God’s self, it is controlled by the mind of God, and if you strengthen your own ego, it is controlled by the body of God.

It is up to the person whether he or she strengthens God’s self or the person’s ego.

Truth and its enlightenment are self-help.

Whether that person strengthens God’s self or his or her ego cannot be controlled by others because of the kingdom of the mind.

Although it is not possible to control, that person is controlled by the mind of God when the person strengthens his or her own ego, and by the body of God when strengthens God’s self.

The law of the universe is absolute and unchangeable.

And whoever is ruled by the body of God has created all the problems of mankind.

The strengthened ego, controlled by the body of God (matter), which created all the problems of mankind, meant that the lack of faith in God created all the problems.

Since there is no faith in God, the main subject becomes the ego.

Then it is under the control of God, destroying nature and ecosystems in pursuit of wealth and national interests, and recently causing climate change.

In addition, the relativity of the ego and the matter are linked and controlled by the body of God, which leads from violence to war, racism to hell issues.

All the problems are caused by a lack of faith in God.

Humankind must restore faith in a just God on the basis of correct knowledge.

Humankind must know the fact that the great universe in front of you is God.

Because the universe is God itself, it controls everything forever.

If humankind has a view of life, values, or the world, and asks for good and evils of those values, all of them are governed by the universe in front of us.
It means that the great universe controls with happiness forever, from the human body to the mind.

This time, the purpose is to establish the absolute authority of the great universe, that is, to establish the authority of God.

This is the only authority to save the whole world.

It means nothing else can be saved.

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