What is the devil ?

In the religious world, the existence of devils or evil spirits are often preached.

People who does not have basic spiritual knowledge or ignorant people do not understand this.

The reason why they do not understand is because they have weird and strange image by watching awful ghost TV show or listening to unreasonable explanation about psychical phenomena from ignorant psychic.

Based on such experience, people have a bad impression by just seeing the word “the other world” or “evil spirit”.

But the heart of God must preach.

However, if it is preached, there is a risk that people misunderstand that we are same with above ignorant psychic.

For this point, High Sprit says They are trying to drag all right people into the same place by increasing the ignorant psychic who preaches wrong thought.

Also, it says they are preparing to invite you to witch hunt.

It is the conditioned reflexes such as Pavlov’s dog.

Feeding a dog when ringing the bell.

When we do this continuously, dogs shed in the hope that they will get food when ringing the bell.

Same as Pavlov’s dog, people have a bad impression just seeing the words such as God, spiritual world, guardian spirits, reincarnations, the other world or devil.

This is not so wrong.

Most of them are doubtful.

Sometimes such conditional reflexes protect a person’s mind too.

But, this time, we must preach multidimensional world called the other world and true faith in God, because the salvation and happiness of all mankind depends on the research and elucidation of this multidimensional world.

The other world becomes a delusional world if we do not understand i) law of unification of subject and object, ii) law of the same wavelength connection and iii) the law of One is many, many is one.

The world called seeable heaven (object) is the world of mind where the spirit of heaven lives (subject) and the object and the subject are perpetually merged.

The world called seeable hell (object) is the world of mind where the spirit of hell lives (subject) and the object and the subject are perpetually merged.

The law of unification of subject and object penetrates this world and the other world.

People dream but since the other world is such a world, it can only be understood as a ridiculous world if just seeing phenomenon.

Evil spirit and devils are simply related to this question; whether you acknowledge the other world (the world after death) or not.

If you deny the other world, the awareness after death becomes nothing and you reach to the mental faint and consciousness becomes also nothing with the loss of your brain.

In this case, there is no God, the other world, truth, justice, beauty or wisdom.

The true goodness disappears with the loss of your brain.

To put it into the view of Kantian philosophy, the moral command to do good is no longer valid in this world

Thus, if you believe the justice, love and wisdom in this world, the existence of God and the immortality of spirits are inevitably required from the view of morality, which was preached by Kant in the Critique of Practical Reason.

This is commonly called proof of morality. If you believe sincere, love, justice and compassion in this world (not in the other world), the existence of God and the immortality of spirits (on other words, the other world) are inevitably required from the view of morality.

He preached the existence of moral and good and evil could not be proved in this world by the equation “the death equal to nothing”.

If you deny the other world, there is no value of “good or evil”, “authenticity”, and “beauty or ugliness”.

Even if you believe good, truth and beauty, the value you believe will be gone when brain stops with your death.

Good things that do not disappear.

Bad things that disappear.

We should believe good and justice.

Thus, we should also absolutely believe the existence of God and the other world.

If there is no existence of God and the other world, the justice, good and evil are not proven, and there is no meaning to discuss the “truth and false” and the “beauty and ugliness”, Kant preached.

If there is no existence of the other world, the heated discussion about the good or evil is meaningless because such good or evil will be gone with death.

It is a fruitless discussion.

If there is no existence of the other world, the justice will be gone with death even if you would like to realize the justice.

God has not created the justice that disappears.

Good things that do not disappear.

Bad things that disappear.

God’s existence and spiritual immortality are absolutely required from a moral perspective to prove all values of good or evil, beauty or ugliness, truth or false in this world, not in the other world.

This is the proof of existence of God called a moral proof that was preached in Europe 200 years ago.

If we believe in justice, love, and truth in this world, it is our obligation to believe in the existence of God and the other world.

In short, Kant argued that people who argue good and evil and justice on the one hand, and on the other hand, deny the existence of God and the other world were fundamentally inconsistent.

Therefore, Dostoevsky, in Karamazov’s brother, stated, “If you say it that way, you must admit the existence of God and the immortality of the spirit from one side, and you cannot deny it from the other side” with respect to Kant’s moral proof.

This means Dostoevsky knows Kant’s moral proof.

It can be only said from this moral proof that some philosophers have said that if God did not exist, we would have to create it.

Without the presence of God, the values ​​of justice and morality, love and beauty would not hold in this world.

Therefore, those who believe in justice said that they had no choice but to create God.

With respect to the existence of the other world, GLA in Mr. Shinji Takahashi’s generation has firstly preached the whole picture as a multidimensional world including the highest spiritual area that even Swedenborg could not explain.

To understand the existence of devils and evil spirit, we must understand the other world at first.

If you listen to the stories of evil spirits and devils without the premise of the other world, the stories simply become a delusional world such as the Japanese folklore “Hyakki Yagyo” in which various monsters appear, and you will only be able to recognize it as something eerie and strange.

For the perspective of goodness, we must admit the existence of the other world and the same can be said from the perspective of evil.

If we deny the other word, justice and goodness cannot exist in this world.

Therefore, the existence of God and the other world are inevitable pieces.

And what happen if the other world exists?

It is ideal that all 7.8 billion humans in this world return to heaven after death, but can they all return?

This world so corrupt are created, which means there are many people commit evil in this world.

Can they return to heaven after death?

If the other world exists, it means people survive perpetually. Then, where people who commit evil should go after death?

If the other world does not exist, people can do wrong things they like.

People become nothing after its death and committed evil also becomes nothing if these is no “the other world”.  Since there is no hell, people who commit evil never fall into the hell.

Again, people can do wrong things they like.

Even if it is accused of being an egoist or a bad guy, the accusing person will also become nothing, so that such argument is also invalid.

There is no the other world, and all disappear after death.

People can do whatever they want.

Dostoevsky also said that:

without spiritual immortality, there would be no goodness and therefore everything would be forgiven;

it is even allowed to eat human meat; and

even if people accuse, everything is forgiven because the accusing person will also become nothing.

However, in the reality, the other world exists, and it is not a world in which human beings can deny it with wrong reasons.

Then, if those who did such evil could not return to heaven, where would they go after death?

Yes, they have no choice but to go to the hell.

Those who fall into the hell are generally called hell spirits or evil spirits in religion.

Of course, evil spirits are also the same human being like us, and are sons of God.

However, there are some people who fall into the hell when they are lost in their life before death.

People feel a resistance to the terms, evil spirits, devils and Satan and we believe they are misleading terms, however people use the terms in religion for the sake of convenience since they are not heavenly spirits.

Of course, there is no difference and they are exactly the same human beings like us, and they hold God even if they fall into the hell.

Heaven is a world in which the perception of good is objective, and hell is a world in which the perception of evil is objective.

In this world, there are as many good and evil as there are people.

That’s why such an objective world is unfolded.

This is the reason for the vastness of the spirit world.

And there are stages and degrees in good and evil.

There are stages and degrees in all things: Emerson

This has been explained in GLA as a multidimensional world.

Evil has stages and degrees, and when an ordinary person falls into hell, it does not fall into that deep hell.

It is interesting that a person who cannot do great goodness cannot also do great evil.

So, for ordinary people, even if they fall into hell, they don’t fall into that deep hell.

According to the High Spirit, in the case of ordinary people, if they fall into the hell, they will, for 200 to 300 years on average, atone for their prenatal sins and then leave from hell and return to heaven.

After living in the heavens for about 100 years, they are born again on the earth.

There is no doubt that 80% of people generally go through this process.

These are the people usually called evil spirits.

Of course, he is a son of God and the same human being.

However, there are some exceptional cases where the degree of evil is intense.

In most cases, Satan is aimed at the powers and elites, property owners and celebrities, religious gurus and army chiefs, who have great influence over the masses, rather than the general public, because many people can be dragged into hell simply by deceiving one of them.

If you become such a villain who is far different from ordinary people, you will fall into a hell as deep as the Mariana Trench after death.

In religion, those who have fallen into the deep hell are called Satan, or devil.

Of course, this devil is also a human being and a son of God and they are same with us.

Therefore, High Spirit does not see the devil as an enemy or as a devil.

High Spirit is trying to save the devil.

The devil is evil in the hell, but he is a son of God.

Therefore, High Spirit try to persuade the devil to save it but the devil, who was an elite, a wealthy man, or a power man in his life, does not listen to the High Spirit because his ego is abnormally strong.

There are also devils who believes they are Egyptian Pharaoh. They’re thousands of years old, but they still believe so.

Those who fall into the deep hell are called devils or Satan in religion, as distinguished from ordinary evil spirit.

The terms evil spirit and devil are for convenience. High Spirit does not consider them really devils or evil spirits.

God dwells in the essence of the devil’s life.  High Spirit is trying to save the child of God, who has fallen into the hell and is suffering.

High Spirit does not consider because they are enemies and devils, we should destroy or burn them.

High Spirit said the hell should be seen as a hospital.

The idea of ​​eliminating the hell world because it is evil is the same as the idea of ​​eliminating the sick person by eliminating the hospital.

The sick person will not disappear even if the hospital disappears.

People who have mental illness will continue to increase.

What would you do if there were no hospital at that time?

The world of hell should be seen as a world of mercy.

Evil spirits and hell spirits are sick, so they say selfishness.

They are selfish and annoying to others because they are suffering and so full of themselves.

However, since they are sick people, the diseases will someday be cured, and people will return to heaven.

There is probably a problem with the term hell spirits, evil spirits and devils.

With these terms, they are perceived as if they were radically different from humans.

They are terms for convenience but, according to High Spirit, Satan-class devils are like psychopath.

Satan-class devils are like people who suddenly rampage with a knife.

Some High Spirits have a role like police officers holding them down.

However, when it comes to the devil class, even High Spirits cannot save them.

They see the High Spirit as an enemy and see it as a target of war.

Even if High Spirit appeals to their reason and conscience, they don’t listen.

Therefore, we have no choice but to control it with power.

When the devil lives in hell for 1000, 3000, or 10,000 years, the devil’s spirit changes.

Because of the physical body in this world, the heart has hatred. On the other hand, the body can laugh.

It is a hypocrite. However, since there is no body in the other world, the heart appears straight to the spirit.

Having been in hell for thousands of years, their spirits turn into the same of snakes, lizards, or insane hairy animals.

When humans spiritually see it, people misunderstand it because it does not look like the same human beings.

All evil spirits and Satan are human beings and son of God like us.

However, when they flap the wings of a bat and intimidate them with fangs, people perceive the devil as something strange and eerie, because it does not look like the same human.

This creates a misunderstanding again.

Gradually, devils and evil spirit become cryptic beings in human perception.

Both devils and evil spirit are human beings and son of God.

Needless to say, there are some exceptions in this world who commits extraordinary evil, upset the masses by acting like gurus or are used to killing people and no longer thinking about it.

After these people die, they become Satan or devil.

They go to a little deeper hell.

And if they are long in the hell, even their spirit will change.

People have a misunderstanding in the perception of devils and evil spirit, because the appearance of the altered spirit does not look like humans.

This is the true identity of what is called devils or evil spirits.

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