Failed Christ’s Second Coming

Regarding the “Failed Christ’s Second Coming”, it is very difficult to explain and the situations are very complicated.

The Japanese who have seen the revelation of high spirits between in 1986 and 1989 can understand what this site says, but it may thought to be quite difficult for foreign people who didn’t know anything, to understand the situations and progress.

However, every time I see Christians and others who are still waiting for the Second Coming of Christ, I think the facts should at least being known.

The Second Coming of Christ was certainly occurred in the period of 1986~1989.

During the period, Jesus also left two books in Japan from his heavenly world, and it still remains as physical evidences.

Even the Bible is not a book written directly by Jesus.

However, the revelation Jesus showed this time was the books that Jesus wrote directly from his heavenly world.

These two were remained.

Jesus resurrected through the words of revelation of Mr. Ryuho Okawa of HAPPY SCIENCE (HS).

Although HS is only recognized as a cult now, Mr. Okawa was the person who originally had the same power as Jesus Christ.

At least he had the same spiritual vessel.

Even though only having the vessel without efforts doesn’t lead him to the spiritual enlightenment in this world, it was the fact that he was born with the mission of the contemporary savior. Therefore, Jesus Christ was his Supreme spirit guide.

Mr. Okawa was born with the mission of being a contemporary savior; Nevertheless, he became famous as a cult guru without fulfilling the mission. “The world teacher” that Benjamin Creme was looking for referred to Mr. Okawa.

However, the unprecedented situation, that no one even imagined that the savior would be conceited, has happened, and it led a historical unprecedented situation, that continues up to now.

As a result, the salvation movement centered on Jesus failed.

If you look at current HS, some of you can understand why it failed.

In March 1991, he became conceited and lost the contact with high spirits.

Now Mr. Okawa can no longer make contact with high spirits.

It’s been 30 years since he lost the contact.

All the prophecies of the end of the world in 20th century have failed due to it.

Although the failure was immediately covered by me in 1991, with the Emperor taking a leading part, the Shinto power shut it out by the national unit then and it has continued since then.

It happened as they desired to appropriate the law of the leader of the union to their own use.

It is the spiritual power that triggered the invasive war in Asia during World War II.

The fellows who were working with Hitler.

It is the common understanding of most people knowing the circumstances in Japan that HS will never go back to the one as it originally was.

HS has become such an awful cult group.

Originally Mr. Okawa was not such a person at all, but HS has become famous as a cult in the United States and is also commonly recognized as a cult in Canada, China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Europe.

01. Happy Science

The English newspaper, Guardian also wrote like this.

Immortal Hero review – silly vanity project made in bad faith Guardian

We know that HS was recognized as a cult all over the world as with lawsuits in Hawaii, the branch closures in China, and the backlash in Thailand. We all know the causes, reasons, or the process of such incidents.

Looking at what they’re doing, it cannot be helped to be called a cult, but at the beginning, they were not such a group.

According to the prophecy of the high spirits at the time, the Vatican, which boasted huge power would be decayed, Islam would be fallen into a minority, and all the emerging religions in modern era in the world would be perished and disappeared by the work of HS.

Therefore, Jesus Christ and Moses were the Supreme spirit guide of it.

There are about 50 high spirits that teach normal religions such as Christian and Islam in the world.

However, until 1989, 500 high spirits had taught in HS.

The high spirits were all united as making Jesus as the center and taught.

Therefore, it was not only the high spirits of Christianity centered on Jesus, that showed the revelation.

The high spirits such as Confucius and Mencius of Confucianism, Laozi of Taoism Socrates and Aristotle of Greek Philosophy Socrates, or Kant, Newton and Edison of science, Lincoln and Edgar Cayce in the United States, Gogh, Picasso, Beethoven and Shakespeare in arts, some of the seven major angels, Mahatma Gandhi, Moses and Michael, and Allah and Zeus, and many other high spirits resurrected through the words and left books.

Many high spirits revealed them as messages to all mankind.

It wasn’t revealed by the interests of the religious group, HS. It’s no exaggeration to say that the revelation revealed between in 1986 and 1989 are still the most valuable asset of the nation and the world.

Since it was revealed directly by the high spirits in the most holy place of heavenly world, all of them preached a high degree of truth.

HS has sealed all of the revelation of high spirits due to their interests.

After the guru became conceited in 1991, he began to do things for his convenience and his behavior gradually conflicted with the contents of the revelation. As a result, though he patched them up by his words at first, gradually it became impossible to do so and at the end, he sealed the revelation.

Now the books of revelation cannot be purchased by at book stores.

They are only sold to the followers of the cult group.

Moreover, the price of the books ware set so expensive that even the followers could not buy, which meant that it was substantially sealed.

At present, very few people in Japan can see the revelation of the high spirits of those days.

In addition, some parts of revelation that are not convenient or suitable for their interest, seem to be deleted, revised, and/or modified.

The revelation revealed by Jesus might have been deleted or modified.

It is because Jesus revealed the true identity of the heavenly Father whom Christians pray for, which is the high spirit being problematic in HS doctrine.

In fact, all the revelation of the high spirit has been delated.

They made them completely being out of print.

Other revelation revealed by other high spirits became extremely expensive to prevent the people other than the fellows of the group purchase but still they have not yet been out of print.

They are still left in this world.

Jesus explained that he could not tell everything about the mystery of the Bible, but he revealed as much as he could.

Regarding his mother Maria, particularly, there seemed to be some special reasons that he could not mention.

He said that he was not born as a child of the virgin, but of the normal couple, and the story of his virgin birth was created by people of posterity to deify him.

It seemed that Maria, who belonged to the Essenes(hope), was chosen as a vessel for the birth of the Savior, and the concept of virgin birth was derived from the common sense at that time, that there shouldn’t have been received a child between the young Mary and the old Joseph.

Jesus also mentioned that the Massacre of the Innocents of king Herod was also a myth as he had not have killed all infant boys when the prophet had told that Jesus would be born.

He also mentioned the last words he said when he died.

Although it was written “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?: Matthew 27-46,” in the Bible, Jesus himself told the true words he spoke at that time.

It was written in Matthew, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Matthew 27-46,” while in Mark 15-34, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

They were very feminine words, but the mystery could be solved by looking at the years of the formation of these four Gospels.

Looking at them in chronological order, the meaning of the words gradually changed in later years.

In Luke 23-46, it changed to “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.

In John 19-30, it turned into “It is finished,” which means everything is fulfilled.

In the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke John, there are three patterns of the last words of Jesus.

Then the question arose which one was true but none of them seemed true.

The truth seemed that he was calling the prophet Elijah, and Raphael, one of the Seven Archangels.

Jesus said that he cried out at the end.

Elijah, Elijah, Raphael ! Elijah, Elijah, Raphael, Sabaitar !!

It meaned that Jesus asked Elijah and Raphael to come and pick him up as the time to die and leave this world has come.

Jesus cried out like this and he breathed his last.

Well, actually the angel named Raphael wasn’t appeared in the New Testament.

The last words of Jesus, “Elijah, Elijah, Raphael ! Elijah, Elijah, Raphael, Sabaitar !!” was shown as “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” in the Bible.

He also pointed out six other points in the Christian doctrine, that he wanted to correct.

This salvation movement in Japan was planned as 200 years plan, and over the last 200 years, a large number of angels of light were born in three stages.

Then Japan has become a country to be a member of G7 (Group of 7).

There is no other country where the angels of light have continued to be born for such a long time.

It could only be found in Germany during the days of Kant and Hegel.

And it was Shinto that made it all collapsed.

Therefore, Japan will continue to be declined.

This Great Salvation Movement this time was the movement that truly strived to save the whole world, and Mr. Ryuho Okawa and Mr. Shinji Takahashi were born as the representative of the East and Middle East respectively, and Mr. Kitaro Nishida, and us (our site) were participating as the representative of the West.

And Jesus Christ was the Supreme spirit guide of HS.

All of those who created the origins of the civilizations of the East, Middle East, and West came out in Japan.

It was because Mr. Okawa, who was the center of the salvation movement, chose Japan.

It was to preach a new divine law.

Nevertheless, it failed in the quite early stage.

All the prophecies of the end of the 20th century were for the Salvation movement, but they failed.

After 1991, since the guru became conceited, he could not contact the High spirits such as Jesus, Allah, Moses, and Zeus.

Therefore, the teachings of HS mentioned on this site refers the one between in 1986 and 1989, not the one after it became the cult.

Anyway, the giant law of God of the first stage came down during this period.

The teaching of GLA was also only until June 1976, when Mr. Shinji Takahashi died.

We do not cover current teachings of HS and GLA.

Both of them go in their own way, that lead to deterioration of the truth.

By the way, I’ve never involved with neither HS nor GLA.

I’m completely a third party.

The salvation movement centered on Jesus this time began with Mr. Shinji Takahashi of GLA.

That’s why I just mention it.

After all, since the revelation of the high spirits were sealed, all mankind has not seen the precious message yet.

I think there were about 60 to 70 books of revelation, but they are highly likely to be disappeared.

Even if they can be remained, the question of why high spirits have given their revelation to such the cult guru will always come out in future generations.

It will be blamed for Mr. Okawa at first and, then for Jesus Christ.

Christians only mention the Second Coming of Christ, but Jesus was not the only one who came this time as the Second Coming.

Though actually they came as the Second Coming, they could not come out to be seen due to the conceit of the guru.

As a result, all the prophecies of the end of the world have failed.

In other words, this was the failure of the Second Coming of Christ.

It was understood by all people who got to know it at the beginning in Japan.

However, since the guru became conceited before the revelation were spread to the world, only tens of thousands of people knew about it of those days.

I’m not surprised that people outside Japan don’t know it.

Originally it was planned to spread all over the world, but now HS is unrecognizable as the one used to be.

It’s no different from strange cult religions.

However, since it was the fact that the Supreme spirit guide of HS was Jesus Christ, he was also the one to be blamed for the failure of it becoming a cult.

It is the fact whether you believe it or not.

The truth is robust.

In spite of the kind cooperation of many high spirits that strived to make all mankind happy even though they had no relationship with HS, I’m wondering how HS could explain the failure to them.

The messages to all humankind were sealed.

It may be bad news for Christians but unfortunately the Second Coming of Christ may never come again.

It is because the ones who can receive the revelation of Jesus are basically only those who have the same enlightenment and spirituality status as Jesus.

It never happens that Jesus show the revelation to any psychics, gurus or people who don’t attain enlightenment.

Even the Pope cannot receive revelation from Jesus.

It is because the Pope cannot understand it even if he receives it.

Additionally, should the real Jesus be resurrected through the words of someone in the future, it is the Vatican and the Christians who would deny it as a fake. It is clearly known form the Japanese cases.

Even though the true Jesus returns, Christians will never recognize him as Jesus.

It is because they indulge in fanaticism and blind faith so much.

At last, the Second Coming of Christ failed due to the self-conceit of the guru of HS.

It was a historical fiasco.

The messages revealed by high spirits to all mankind is also highly likely to be disappeared as it is.

Although some people in the West still mention the Second Coming of Christ, he certainly came already but its purpose was failed to be fulfilled.

This was also the reason why all the prophecies of the end of the world failed.

There was a serious matter.

The prophecy of the end of the world didn’t tell us a lie, and certainly it would have been as it planned.

However, unless the truth is spread to the world, none of divine spirits can disrupt the world.

It is because it becomes the killing for the killing.

This is the failed Second Coming of Christ.

Even though there are only tens of thousands, quite a lot of people knew this fact in Japan.

People in countries other than Japan should also know the fact.

Since it was an epic fail in history, its causes, reasons, and progress must be verified.

Especially, regarding HS and GLA, we need to verify to avoid making the same mistakes.

I believe so.

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