Fundamental human rights 1

On the surface level of awareness, in other words, god’s spirit lies within one’s personality’s true nature.

God’s spirit itself is an “eternal purpose” but, an individual’s purpose and all of humanity’s purpose is housed in each individual.

Because of that  god’s existence, one can say that all life forms in the heavens, earth, and the hell realm are eternally equal to one another.

The great demon king is equivalent to an archangel, in the archangel’s true nature there is a god, in the great demon king’s true nature there is the same god is within itself.

Once this God’s single heart is understood, the realm that will cease to exist is hell.

Even if one understands God’s single heart , the realm that will not cease to exist is soul heaven.

Once god’s spirit is understood, the realm that will cease to exist is hell, so hell is not a realm that god made.

It’s because it disappears.

Hell is not an actual realm, humanity’s prematureness created this world for convenience’s sake, this realm is for the realm of the lost where those who are unaware of the fact that their true nature is god’s child.

Hesitation is equivalent to evil and knowledge is equivalent to good. Those who don’t know wander and those who do know do not wander.

This is why Socrates once said “know thyself”

God is inside of thou, if you know thou thou will know God inside of thyself, know everything of everything

It may be said that to know  the conscience of thyself

The existence of God is,  “significance of  life” as well as “an everlasting purpose” which is common for all residents of the heavens, the earth and hell.

There is the essence of fundamental human rights at this point, too.

Kant once said  “never handle the personality of thou et al. as means. I said, deal with the personality as purpose itself by all means.

Thus, in premature nations and the nations where the spiritual evolution is inferior, they don’t understand this meaning enough, they tried to treat human beings as means for profit and national interest.

Because they treat profit and pleasure for purpose, and human life is used for means. One can say this is premature.

It is because this is nearer to profit than justice, and it is nearer to pleasure than happiness.

Slavery is created from spiritual immaturity.

The reason why slavery is wrong is because personality is used as means, God must be put this means, so-called material and relative things with a heart of God, in the macrocosm.

A heart (mind) of God is “the sky”, and a body (material) of God is “a ground” and is one with the heavens and the earth forever.

The purpose known as God within someone’s personality is used for the means to acquire specific profit for oneself, therefore one can say that slavery is wrong.

Purpose is “heaven” and when the means is “the earth”, are tied to each other eternally

Because Making absolutizing a relative thing, slavary is also considered arrogance towards god

Godself  as the macrocosm rules all the right and wrong forever.

Whoever in the past, present or future, and afterlife or the living world, if one strengthens oneself, one will be ruled by the body of God (matter),  if one strengthens Godself, direction of God’s heart (soul) will rule.

It is up to the person whether you strengthen Godself or strengthen yourself.

It is up to the person, but if one strengthens oneself, one will be ruled by material objects  and, the entire world decays by the attributes of the object.

Then why, did Kant say to treat humans as a purpose?

Profit is a means, and does not become a purpose.

Both wealth and national interest are means and never become our everlasting purpose.

The reason why Kant says to treat humans as a purpose is because within the heart of human vitality lies something known as God’s existence, and our eternal purpose is found here.

Humans are children of God and have God within them.

If humans worship profit and the national interest means, treating a person as a means to obtain profit and national interest, that person cannot complain even if they are treated as means.

That person puts the means in “heaven” by their own choice

In reality, people living for the purpose of profit and national interest is very common.

From this point on, Napoleon Bonaparte has said the revival of slavery at one point, too.

This is because kant has a problem within himself.

Kant said to treat human beings as a purpose, but what happens if a person worshipping profit and national interest be treated as a “purpose” as Kant says?

Such profit and the national interest the thing which should be means originally becomes the purpose.

Napoleon has once called “revival of slavery” from this contradiction.

Humans worship the means of profit by their own choice autonomously without worshiping justice and good.

What happens if one treats the human being who chases the profit as the purpose itself as Kant says.

All of a sudden, in our world, God’s righteousness does not become the purpose, but becomes a means and profit and national interest becomes the purpose.

Of course, though Kant didn’t say to treat human being as a purpose in this sense, as a conclusion, it becomes such a conclusion and the world, as a matter of fact, It is such world in the present age

Hegel revises these words of Kant later.

With the grounds that a human being is being treated as purpose itself entirely by the divine thing in the human nature  : Hegel

Because of the heart of God within personality characteristics, human beings are treated as a purpose.

Human beings are treated as purpose itself because of individual and the whole human as purpose, namely God dwells in all life.

In the present age, one exchanges purpose with profit, making wealth and national interest as one’s purpose, while going around ruining the entire world, one insists recognition of one’s human rights as one is doing as one pleases.

Fundamental human rights are not the value that has been decided based on profit.

Therefore Hegel revised the words of Kant, but as Hegel felt uneasy about it, modern people replace profit discreetly, the future of original meaning of basic human rights is completely off.

Fundamental human rights were of the value that came out based on God’s heart and they were originally holy and had a holy idea.

Kant called it a priori, transcendental objectivity, but this is retained forever by all people.

Not swayed by experience, nor time, or space, one inherently has an absolute value and heart inherently .

In other words, all people are born while retaining an everlasting purpose known as God.

While focusing the essence and substance of human being life, and the root as for its purpose, one said “deal with the personality as purpose itself by all means.”

Because God dwelled in the essence in personality characteristics, the fundamental human rights is appeared in modern times to guarantee the human right objectively by means of this complete and immortal purpose is not to be destroyed for sure by the incomplete power system, the incomplete economic principle, incomplete armaments, incomplete political system and immature sense of values created by human beings.

The essence of fundamental human rights is the essence of human being life, existence of so-called God.

All people are born with an immortal purpose because of this eternity.

For the essence of this human being life which retained complete and an immortal purpose, incomplete human beings must not be destroyed by that incomplete power and wealth. Fundamental human rights came out here as to be admitted up to posterity, and as a right to be guaranteed for eternally.

Kant said, “thou handle the personality as purpose itself by all means” on seeing this essence because Kant was the human being who was born having essence of this life, an immortal purpose.

The essence of fundamental human rights is the existence of God.

It is forever our purpose.

Because a purpose is retained in mind, treat a personality as purpose itself.

There is no existence of purpose or absolute for things which we were given, if one claims that

There can be neither the reason to treat such a human being as purpose itself because it does not exist nor the grounds.

We have only a relative thing if one denies the existence of God.

The personality is relative, and there are no same bodies that exist, everything is all relative existence.

If one treats human beings which are given only relative things, it becomes idol worship.

Living God faith, where a founder becomes God, is funny because it is committing a sin of this idol worship.

This is because it is the same as worshiping a material to worship a relative thing.

Naturally, a relative and material thing becomes purpose itself if they deny God and treat human beings as a purpose, in fact, the modern society is becoming like that.

One must not worship an idol

The grounds that fundamental human rights must be guaranteed for posterity forever are because all human beings are born while retaining an everlasting existence called God, and an immortal purpose.

For the essence of the mind retaining perfection, an incomplete human being must not damage the essence by the incomplete value system and armaments, wealth and power.

This is the reason why fundamental rights were born.

All people are born while retaining the purpose called God forever for three generations of the past, the present and the future.

At this time, we will bring the meaning of the fundamental human rights to its original meaning, and bring life to this idea is one of the reasons.

As Adam got a life once by breath being recorded by God, the fundamental human rights revive by God recording breath and will get a new life.

Fundamental human rights become the everlasting right guaranteed by eternity, all people by the existence of God.

Since there is a purpose called God, fundamental human rights exist.

It has been preached in this sense in modern times.

During those times, if one makes God’s existence clear, this God will be seen as a Christian God in the Western world so they could not say this publicly

The present age is the time to be able to preach the original God.

The people who made modern rationalism also propose the fundamental human rights while understanding the idea of the one true God..

Those were replaced to the profit in the present age.

Existence and the truth of God do not belong to the religion denomination.

Furthermore, God has never made religion, not now nor in the future.

God has not ever made religion and, without now, there will not be it in future either.

God has never made religion, not once.

What type of religion did the macrocosm create?

It will be that a macrocosm created what kind of religion.

When would the natural world in front of us create religion directly

The macrocosm is the body of God, and the natural world is a cell of the body of God.

Whether it’s Christianity, Buddhism or Islamic, all religions live in the realm of nature.

Being lived in the Mother of God.

Or, the realms of nature give oxygen only to Christians?

Are realms of nature giving fruits and vegetables only to Buddhists?

The Sun shines only on top of Islamic’s heads?

God and truth don’t belong to any religions.

Even human beings 5000 years ago, when there were no Christianity or bible, the realms of nature where it was a body of God fed the body, and a heart of God fed the heart.

Whenever seeds were planted on the soil in the realms of nature, produce grew, we ate, we were fed by God’s body.

Even now, even in the future.

Human beings in the next 2000, 3000 years, those bodies will be fed by the realms of nature which is God’s body, God’s heart will feed the character.

5,000 years ago, there was no Buddhism or sacred book, nor Christianity or bible.

There was no God without Buddhism or chistianity?

God didn’t exist before the bible or sacred book?

Once Jesus said “Before Abraham was, I am

To be exact, I exist before the universe was born, is correct.

The universe is the manifestation, the heart of the God existed before the universe was born, and that’s because the essence of our lives.

There was God’s existence before there was no Buddhism, God was always leading us when there was no Christianity.

There were the realms of nature right in front of your eyes or the truth existed in the era when there were no Islamic.

Reciting the Truth, is the same as telling the eternity and to talk about universality value holding good in continuation by the past, the present, the future.

God’s heart is beyond the past, the present and the future.

To recite the heart of the God that existed when there were no bible or the sacred book didn’t exist, is called reciting the truth.

This is because the essence of the human 10,000 years ago and the essence of modern people are equivalence promptly.

God dwelled in the essence of human life 5,000 years ago, and there was the significance of life, too.

That will be the same for (That applies to) the human in the next 5000 years.

A heart of God who is the essence of the modern human being life and the essence of the future human 5,000 years later are the same as a heart of God who is the essence of the human being life 5,000 years ago in the existence of God directly and are equal.

The existence of God exceeds time and space.

I point to the existence of God, and it means an everlasting commonality, and the equality is existence securing universal validity of thought and the philosophy forever.

Therefore it is the absolute.

Hegel called this point “Instant Absolute ”

Then why can a heart of God as this Absolute assert that it is stayed in human life?

The German idealism philosopher explains it in a concept of “a priori” (transcendental objectivity).

Continuing after the next time.

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