The Democratic Testament of God (English)

The truth is good.

Profit is evil.

Divine self is good.

Ego is evil.

“The law of the Lord” is the integrity of good and evil by the unity of those above.

There is neither good nor evil but Creation breathing in Life.

This is the “law of the lord” – “the law of the Creator.”

The true structure of the world is neither one dimensional where only good exists nor two dimensional where good and evil exist.

The law of Expedient severs earth from heaven, material from heart, deity from man,self from others, respectively, and this subordinate law nurtures evil at an alarming pace.

The unique principle of happiness for all has to put the lord and subject ahead of vassal and object.

If one feels happy, while others wallow in misery, it is not happiness but pleasure.

That often happens when all that one can recognize is mere results.

Many are discerning pleasure for happiness.

So is the Constitution.

Since the universe is embodiment of divinity, the order of the lord and vassal must not be reversed.

The universe – god – is happiness.

All evil is attributed to ego and substance. All good to god.

In terms of human point of view, divine self and ego – the thorough development of good and evil – can concur.

Some begin welfare for senior citizens with love; because they felt pity after looking at an old man struggling to walk without anyone else’s help, others do with self-love; because they wanted to get a lot of respectful attention.

Either way will be “welfare for senior citizens” whether the base is on divine love or self-love.

However, one is god, the other evil.

The former creates better world, whereas the latter produces antagonism and confrontations with disguised good.

Good and evil are not what man judges, but what the universe and nature expressed by god’s will do.

In the Law, life is good, and material evil, the unity of those two becomes the integrity of good and evil.

The universe is the comprehensive body of divine worth and ethic.

Without complete understanding on this fundamental principle of good and evil, any political or religious thought would be nothing more than what corrupts this world.

If one wants to multiply evil, all they have to do is to sever ego from divine self to intensify.

If one wants to multiply good, all they have to do is to strengthen divine self.

The world gets better ever so much.

If ego or profit becomes the subject, the world gets worse even when it has already reached the bottom. Why?

Because the universe is not what man created: As life and substance are inseparable, the physical universe maintains its existence in the sequence of divine life, – love or creation.

If man neglects this life activity, existence itself becomes the target to cull.

Some say that national interests are important, but they are evil under god’s law. Interests and profits are evil in the existence-support law.

As far as they keep the subordinate position, they would be good, however, when they come up the front to be the subject, they produce unhappiness and hell under the principle of creation.

Ego must be subordinate, but when it has unfaith in the background, it becomes the subject.

Crime increases because of this reversed phenomenon.

Lack of faith puts ego first.

Subjectivizing self means affirming material.

It produces false creation out of idol worship, the world of pleasure and profit.

As ego seeks pleasure, it creates a measure to scale things on the basis of whether they are comfort or discomfort.

Evil selves “obey the law” because violating the law brings them discomfort.

If violation does not provide them with any edge of the guillotine, they will willingly break the law for pleasure.

Thus, crime swells.

Disbelief in god firmly states in the background of their mind-set.

So never make object be subject – divine self be ego.

They say that they do it for national interests, but it is the interests, or profits, that produce corrosive connection between officials and people, corrupting bureaucratic power, a number of bands of yakuza, smuggling, drug abuse, guns, bribery, etc.

Interests only intensify ego to become the cause for antagonism and confrontations.

Agony is just a result fallen out of profit and pleasure.An ideal political system should concur with the structure of the universe, god’s heart and body.

What does an individual exist for?

Why do we have nations?

What is the universe for?

Everything exists for god.

It is there for divine justice and love.

Everyone lives to prove Existence.

The universe is expression of justice, not profit.

Profit is evil and has two aspects; material and heart.

Substances simply symbolize object and profit, but their true color is ego.

Many worship wealth and power for believing a prayer answered due to ignorance.

Profits are nothing but the mirage of material; they have no entity.

The true quality of faith in reward – wealth and power – is man.

So, if mankind has gone out of the earth, so have wealth and power.

Without man, profits would not exist.

Faith in prayer answered is based on human-centric belief.

But the law works.

God is the truth.

Man is profit.

The unity of the two creates the integrity of good and evil.

Profit in the aspect of heart means pleasure that man feels in divine goodness.

The truth and material merge in divine heart.

But the imbalance of man’s satisfaction and comfort for worth strengthens ego, the true quality of evil.

It causes the state like what we call oriental despotism.

This may clarify the fallen angel in Christianity that the view of Nirvana in Buddhism is incapable of elucidating.

The status quo in the celestial world – the development where truth is good, and light evil, then the unity of the two becomes the integrity of good and evil – could explain the problem that Lucifer got.

The harder he struggles to get divine heart for personal effects, the richer divine light of the spiritual figure grows.

The light provides god’s progeny with comfort.

If his children presume upon the light too much, ego is enhanced to produce self that antagonizes others.

Lucifer took comfortable living in the celestial world for granted.

He acquired the cause of ego, then this world touched off catalysis for him, and as a result the cause embodied him to fall into hell.

If he had not taken advantage of the celestial light, he would not have gotten ego with his soul.

Without ego, whatever fringes of this world Lucifer might have touched, the cause would or could not have brought any effect.

Self-indulgence delivered the abyss of hell.

It arises from ignorance and blindness of self.

Substitution of subject and object, – divine self and others – is the creative principle of hell, the birth of the fallen angel.

The reason why the principle turns up lies in the pleasure aspect of the truth where the structure of the universe goes reversed; the lord is substituted with the vassal.

This basic principle of Lucifer’s birth is directly reflected on this world as the principle of corruption.

The matter of Lucifer surely impacts on the world where we live.

It is around us.

In the economy, for instance, various systems work for profits.

Even if inspiration for an excellent commodity comes down from the celestial world, man takes it no more than a means to gain returns, which ends in substitution of subject and object.

In education, memorizing tremendous amount of knowledge, or results (substances), is implanted to be the main object, and in religion, all one is doing is just to worship a guru,a human, forgetting the truth is the law of existence.

God’s will lets all live in one unit, while man tries to sever subject from object for an immediate profit.

All are god’s children having his genes in every cell.

As the universe is expression of god – the divine body, the integrity of subject and object – the unity of divine self and ego comes to the way that man should live.

The structure of the universe, the way it is, directly expresses god’s will and thought.

If one deviates from there, equilibrium for the all starts faltering, then the principle of Lucifer makes the world corrupt.

The universe exists by fortuity, not by accident.

It is expression of god and embodiment of divine body.

If man lets ego take priority for constructing opportunistic thought over the fundamental structure of the universe, it goes against divine will, and then the balanced mountain of the whole mankind begins to crumble.

Human temperament and the system must harmonize with the structure of the universe and god’s will.

The present world is expression of ego, while the universe god.

Everything in this world – politics, economy, education, science, academy, religion and et al – has been degraded to be the evil expression.

Pleasure subjectivizes ego ignoring will of the universe.

Yes, Babylon the great, “Babylon the great prostitute,” sounds right to express this world, embodiment of ego.

What we see correct before our eyes should not be expression of ego, but be that of god.

In politics, most systems are intrinsically based on ego.

There are three major political systems in the world; democracy taken on the majority of nations, religious nation system represented by the Middle East countries and socialism practiced in China.

Needless to say, socialism is basically materialism breaking the Providence of unity.

It severs heart from material and puts deity behind substance.

As the principle of integrity cannot work in the system, whatever excellent ideas one may have, they cannot always have the optimum conditions to fulfill the revelation in the society.

Socialism, the typical system that has subjectivized man’s ego, inevitably hinders the development of a nation.

It only leads to the cul-de-sac of life.

Neither life nor substance can develop.

Religious nations are good only in terms of believing in god.

But if divine heart and law have not fully and rightly delivered, some may rise to take advantage of religious good for political motives, trying to gain easy profits.

The chances are not slim that people apprehensively tend to have faith in god thinking the Eternity dwells in outside of one’s life, despite its residence is truly individual’s inner life.

God never exists far from each one’s heart.

He lives in the intrinsic true core of life.

Divine heart is in everybody’s life.

If one does not understand deity correctly, they try to drive god out of heart and worship outside divinity.

They naturally learn to use Life as a mere tool for profits.

It is urgent for them to recover the reverse phenomenon to retrieve the structure of the universe.

Democracy also has the propensity to subjectivize ego.

The two concepts stipulating it – freedom and equality – means man’s sensitive ego responds to profits swiftly.

The real color of democracy is, fundamentally, a national contract based on common profits for people; “freedom of speech” “protection of private ownership” or “absolving from wrongful power and injustice” like Rousseau stipulates in Du contra social.

Democracy puts profits first, deity second.

Though this system has taken root in more than the majority of nations in the world, its true quality is, in fact, ego and profit.

Therefore, without any deterrence, the world goes corrupt.

Because the way that the structure of the universe and Existence is not at all based on man’s material nature.

The universe is the expression of god – divine justice and Life.

His heart means justice, and body profit.

When it comes to His physical aspect, the odds are extremely high that the world will change drastically because of idol worship.

The law of natural selection rules the world.

Good survives.

Evil dies.

“The law of the fittest” works for good.Socialism makes material come first, divinity second.

For religious nations profits are first, deity second.

Democracy self first, god second.

What political system will we possibly have for Life in the future?

We have to hammer out a national contract based on universal significance of life for all people – god’s heart – from the one based on a common profit for mankind – god’s body.

Divine existence is the universal significance for mankind.

The way the world should be shall ask for the national system based on the common contract with god to make existence justifiable.

Mankind must regain faith in god.

For it is god that is expressing the universe.

If humans are severed from the expression, the world will inevitably get afflicted.

It may seem hard to grasp accurate divine truth, or some may even misunderstand the word Existence because of bias, for preoccupied religions having various predominant concepts – sort of man-made idols – are spreading false creation all over.

What does self exist for?

Where is man going to?

Why is there a universe?

It is high time that man recovered existence of life and understood it correctly.

God’s heart has perspective significance for existence.

The national contract based on significance of life for all people hammered out of the present one based on common profit for mankind

– this is The Democratic Testament of God .

To be specific, it is integrity and sublation, Aufheben, of the two major concepts of democracy – freedom and equality – by Existence.

The public seems to give a tacit approval to equality, but look outside, then inside.

Nothing can be equal anywhere but under the integrity of perennial time dimensions and self – the principle of heart and material, or the law of life – worship.

Heart and material are in the divine distributive facet.

No flesh is equal.

There are no identical bodies.

Even twins may have different toe nails.

Every flesh is different, let alone character.

Like Spinoza’s remark, “all creations are in the distributive facet of god.”

And death is not even equal.

Some die in their teens, others in their sixties.

Some die in peace, others in pain.

As far as a measure is on the outside, equality never comes down to legislation.

Human rights mean much in some countries, while they mean less in others because of the difference in laws.

The law system in the outside changes frequently in accordance with time.

The law in the 15th century cannot work in the 21st century.

It cannot be perfect and universal for all mankind.

The true meaning of equality must be that all mankind in history, whether they live in the past or future, can be one under perfect, unchanging and universal existence.

The existence has to be unique.

What is perfect, identical, equal and infallible in all mankind including future children – what each individual has inside of their heart – is the only, unique existence of life dwelling in the true core of everyone’s life – existence of god.

Man may well be called god’s children because each one has derived from this existence of life.

God is the raison d’etre and the significance of life for divine progeny, human beings.

Therefore, Existence is significant for all lives in the past, present and future.

Man can be equal only under god.

When some believe in god and others do not, contradiction brings inequality.

Without god, what could be equal?

Without Him, nothing can be equal.

It is wrong to preach equality without believing god.

If mankind would like to acknowledge equality for good, it is their duty to believe god.

Then, when human beings practice freedom following equal existence for themselves, the time will come that all can be truly free – “the truth shall make you free.”

If man denies Existence, no equality will come, – or it will be false.

And freedom and equality never get paralleled in contradiction.

So, these absolute contradictory concepts shall be integrated and sublated under divine existence.

“The Democratic Testament of God” is to implement the national contract of significance of life for all mankind aufhebened from common profit for people.

I would like to present this for all people to know that neither freedom nor equality fulfils leaving deity behind us, and that above all, god hopes to let mankind live as one unit.

Because it is his true wish.

Creator’s Room : Author, Hideshi Kuwada.

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