Original sin

The teaching taught in Christianity is “love.”

He has especially preached equal love.

Since all human beings harbor a god of equality in the essence of life, they have taught brothers and sisters to love one another and wash one another’s feet.

Love is sincerity and kindness.

It’s not love like saying you love the one you love and not love the one you dislike.

What is the difficulty in loving those who are kind to me?

What is the difficulty in loving those who are thoughtful to me?

It is just animal love.

Animals don’t follow you if you kick them with your feet.

Animals follow you if you love them.

The love of the human ego is just the love of animals.

Love is the will to go to heights, love to love those who have difficulty loving.

Love is the value that decisively separates animals from humans.

Animals do not love humans who abuse themselves, but humans can also love enemies.

You can love those who have difficulty loving.

This separates humans from animals.

The love preached in Christianity is sincerity and kindness.

Those who live through their lives with sincerity and kindness will not fall into hell.

The difference between religions and denominations does not matter.

A heart with its sincerity and kindness, even though it may feel emptiness by loving a person in this world, communicates with “heaven” alive.

God never misses his heart.

However, it will be difficult for modern society to revive love.

Under capitalism with wealth in heaven, politicians with national interests in heaven, and democracy with people’s common interests in heaven, all put profits and pleasures in heaven and chasing.

Attempting to revive love under this political and economic system is very difficult.

If wealth is placed in the heavens, there will be many who will lie to others for their wealth and benefits, deceive others for their benefits, and threaten others for their benefits.

It is difficult to lie to yourself, deceive yourself, trick yourself, treat those who threaten yourself with sincerity and kindness, and live.

If we try, we will have to fundamentally change the economy and political system.

In the Old Testament, God’s heart is described in the metaphor of Adam and Eve’s expulsion of paradise.

Eve falls into the temptation of the snake, eats the fruit of the tree of knowledge, and recommends them to her husband Adam.

That implies that women are less vulnerable to seduction of status, wealth and power than men.

And while he encourages Adam to eat forbidden fruits, it demonstrates the fact that it is usually women who corrupt men.

Married couples eat the forbidden fruits which God has never told them to eat, and hide their naked bodies which they never thought to be ashamed.

One thing to keep in mind when reading the Old Testament and the New Testament Bible is that you do not have to stick to the words and take in the true meaning.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden lived peacefully with God.

“Eden” means “rejoicing” in Hebrew.

The fact that Adam and Eve lived naked shows that human life as created by God is the light itself, and that there is nothing to hide as the light of life itself.

Humans imagine the naked body, but they are not.

The spirits living in heaven have their own lives shining along with the light of God, so there is nothing to hide from each other.

The naked life mentioned here means the naked life of life, life in the spirit world.

The statue of David, who wears no underwear, also shows this.

Falling into the temptation of the snake implies falling into the pleasures of wealth and national interest, and represents an egoism that satisfies the ego.

He called the pleasurable world of the ego predominant as “the Babylon’s Great Lust” and regarded John as the world who drank “the adultery wine”.

Many modern people must drink plenty of the pleasures of wealth, the pleasures of power, the pleasures of national interest, and this adultery wine.

They must be committing adultery with Babylon’s slut.

Babylon the Great, whose collapse is predicted in the Bible, is the world today.

The fruit of the tree of knowledge means the prejudice and preconception, false ideas and fallacies, which are created by the ego without permission of God, and the so-called “idols” created by the so-called human heart.

Prejudice and fallacy are made by humans.

The fruit of the tree of knowledge is not knowledge made by God, but knowledge made by humans.

The fact that you fall into the temptation of matter means that you fall into the ego, fall into pleasure, and become separated from God.

The snake clings to the ground and moves forward in spiral motion.

The snake figure refers to a human life committing idol worship that can only move forward by sticking to things and can only live by attaching to things.

If you stick to things, stick to wealth, stick to pleasure, and stick to this and live your life, you are talking about the fact that life becomes like the snake.

This is why the devil is symbolized by snakes and appears in hell.

Thus, the devil and the human who will be so after death will always be in the heavens, with the obedience being the main, and the purpose and power of material meaning, material pleasure and ego.

Adam and Eve have escaped the truth, that is, have escaped happiness and have taken the direction of pleasure, so they are naturally expelled from the Garden of Eden.

Instead of choosing God’s heart to make all mankind happy, they chose wealth and national interests, pleasure and status honor, so-called those that bring unhappiness to mankind.

If all human beings live for the purpose of wealth, the world will be corrupt and all humanity will be unhappy.

Emerson has left that profits always betray us.

No one wants war.

No one wants violence.

Profit always betrays our ideals.

Forbidden fruits are sweet.

Wealth is sweet.

National interests and status honor are sweet.

Power is sweet.

Eve says.

“Indeed, why God told us that don’t eat such delicious fruits?”

Adam and Eve, who have eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge, have never felt ashamed of the nakedness of life, but they now hide each other with fig leaves.

It is the formation of an ego that is aware of the eyes of others.

The sprouting of self and other relative comparisons signifies the establishment of the ego.

From the idea of God, it shows that they were drawn to the idea of the idol, which separates myself from others,.

They took pleasure over happiness.

Life, which is more attracted to things than God and to idols than truth, gains vanity, arrogance, superiority and inferiority in life as compared to others.

The life of God is one life that makes the most of all, and the life that suppresses such others cannot be with God.

This is the expulsion of Eden’s paradise.

They did not choose God’s desire to make all mankind happy, but chose thier own interests.

In other words, they chose a path that would make all humans unhappy.

The profit is sweet.

An immature life that is closer to benefit than justice chooses because it is vulnerable to this benefit.

Modern people also choose.

Modern humanity has become Adam and Eve, and has been expelled from the paradise of Eden.

Speaking of Christianity, it can be said that God’s thought is concentrated on this point.

The ego responds to things, separates itself and others in search of pleasure, and creates an abnormal egoism from the divided self-preservation.

It is Christianity that the human ego and identity are themselves called “original sins” because such a property is inevitably resident in the human life of unbelief cut off from God.

It is Christianity that has been told that all evil returns to the ego, as all good returns to God.

That’s why he told them to throw away their ego.

All various evils refer to the ego as the original sin because they return to the ego, claim that they have original sin since their infancy, and claim that human beings are born and have the cause and consequences of sin.

The idea of a child of sin comes out of his view of human beings who sees the ego as evil.

If you look at the surface consciousness, you are a child of sin.

If you look at the subconscious, you are a child of God.

It is an old religion, but seeing the ego as the source of all evil is good and metaphorical to the consequences.

The ego cannot do evil alone.

The ego commits evil as a result of its sensitive relationship with matter.

The consequences have a cause, the source of all evil is not the ego, but the body and substance of God.

The ego cannot do evil without material.

All evil is governed by God’s body, God himself.

Thus neither matter nor ego, desire nor wealth, or status honor nor national interest, is not evil but, to be precise, the lowest good.

It is not evil.

God himself has not created any evil.

The evil thing that people say is usually to low good, and because it is low good, if you put it in heaven, evil will be unlimited.

Despite the low good, there is pleasure because God created it.

This is different from modern truth.

As long as the ego is viewed as evil, at least the guilty son of harm is not lost, and the hell is not lost.

The point of view of the ego as evil suggests the idea of original sin.

How is the New Testament based on the original sin mentioned?

Let us quote Jesus’ metaphor.

But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God’s throne:

Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.

Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.

But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil. : Matthew verses 5-34 to 37

Jesus says that coming out of the ego comes out of evil.

This metaphor also centers around the Garden of Eden.

What Jesus says not to swear at all, for example, when a man swears to God, will swear good things.

You will not swear to God to do evil.

You will still swear to do good.

Then the good comes from God.

It does not come from the ego.

The act of swearing to God implies arrogance and the illusion of being able to do good with one’s own or human power.

It means arrogance, as if it were possible to do good with the ego’s own power, cutting himself off from God.

From God’s position, there is no need to swear.

If it’s good, I’ll use my power, and you can’t make your hair black or white.

So don’t swear each time.

Jesus said not to swear because the act of swearing is an illusion and arrogance that cuts himself off from God and that God’s goodness can be created by human power.

If it is good, God does not abandon, it is with God in the power of God, not his own power.

All goodness comes from the subconscious, the spirit world.

To Jesus, the act of swearing means expulsion of Eden’s paradise, separating God and man.

If it is good, it comes from God, regardless of religion and border.

You swear and do not good on your own.

Jesus said that they did not swear to God because it meant a feeling of being able to do something with their own power.

He says that he who is in harmony with God should just be yes, yes : no, no.

If a person who doesn’t understand anything, it is problems just to obey god and say yes, yes : no, no.

This is because the humans on the ground practice to know good and evil while worried in various ways.

And Jesus said that coming out of it would come from evil, because he came out of the ego that cut himself and God.

I see surface consciousness and ego as evil as I thought.

The ego is not evil, the lowest good is correct.

Jesus’ thoughts generally follow those of the Old Testament.

Because the ego is the source of all evil and hell, we call it the source of all sins, the “original sin.”

And the idea of a child of sin comes from this original sin.

The idea of the Son of Sin is a teaching of expedient up to the awareness of the Son of God.

Do not stop with the idea of a child of sin.

All human beings are God’s sons who have the heart of God.

They are a child of justice.

Not a child of sin.

If you realize that surface consciousness is bad and subconscious is good, it is good to see that you have entered the realm of enlightenment: Shinji Takahashi (GLA’s founder)

Swedenborg also said that anything unique was evil, but Middle Eastern deities still see surface consciousness and egos as evil.

God does not create any evil.

So Jesus said don’t try God

It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. : Matthew 4-7

This is the word Jesus quoted from Deuteronomy 6-16, which cast aside temptation.

The time when a person tries a person is when the person wants the evil of profit.

Can this person be the interest of himself or not?

But it is unknown to third parties.

At this time, he tris to do this because he doesn’t know if this person can be his interest or not.

People test people when they make evil profits.

Can this person be a national interest or not?

They’ll try it because they don’t know.

In other words, only those who have no faith in God will try, whether God or man.

Judas of Iscariot tested Jesus.

Faith does not belong to such a world.

Do not try God.

Don’t try God, there is nothing to improve the world other than the heart of God, and humans have no choice.

Jesus said don’t try your heart which has no choice.

He is saying unbelief.

In fact, God cannot.

Whether humans try God or not, the heart of God does not shake or change.

The more you try that God, the more your heart will move away from God.

When we have purpose of evil of profit, we try people.

Anyone who seeks faith and enlightenment in God knows that he will not and cannot try God.

Nevertheless, if you try to test God, it is those who live with the evil of profit, and their hearts are far away from God.

This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.

But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. : Matthew 15-8.9

This is called fanatic or blind.

Fanaticism and delusional beliefs are those who seem the closest to the religion, but are farthest from the religion.

As Hegel has said, we are commanded not just to believe in God, but to recognize God’s heart throughout history.

If you just worship without recognizing or understanding God’s heart, it creates fanaticism and delusion.

If one does not understand the mind of God as thought or universal value, faith becomes delusional and fanatic.

This is also horrible.

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