The Fundamental Spirit by Jesus of the New Era

The second coming of Jesus Christ came to HAPPY SCIENCE (HS) in the 1980s. At the time, Jesus himself raised three points as the fundamental spirit of the new era.

Firstly, from now on we will push forward the thoughts of humans as the Child of God.

Let humanity understand this.

Humans are not the Child of Sin, but the Child of God.

Looking at the surface consciousness, humans are the Child of Sin.

Looking at the potential consciousness, humans are the Child of God

If humans are perceived superficially, they are the Child of Sin.

Looking at the nature of human life, they are the Child of God.

This thought of Christianity and Child of Sin is harmful in modern days, and this would be corrected hereafter.

As he had said 2000 years ago, the reason he had preached the thought of the Child of Sin was that society was going through rough times and various evils were spread all over the world, such as Satan’s heads rampaging, murder being indifferent, and women and girls getting raped.

In this rough society, preaching the idea of the Child of God was not possible.

What would happen if he preached the idea of no sin and evil, that humans are the Child of God, and that the nature of life was perfect because God dwells in it, at that time?

Here are the words of Jesus himself.

At that time, he said,

Then, how would the Child of God murder like this, spread misgovernment like this? Are the various sins infesting this done by the Child of God? This will be the question raised.

So, in the previous stage of preaching that humans are the Child of God and are in perfection, this kind of denial of the first stage is necessary.

Before we say that humans are the Child of God, we deny that humans are the Child of Sin.

If humans are the Child of Sin, this is denied once again, therefore making humans the Child of God.

To make them realize that they were originally the Child of God, it was necessary to first awaken their consciousness of being the Child of Sin.

So nowadays, that idea of the Child of Sin has a side of harmful influence on the people, but to lead people towards virtue in the world at that time, you are never right, you may be doing it because you think you are right, but you are also unholy.

This is the early view of the impurity of Buddha’s unraveled teachings.

Impurity, meaning humans are unclean. The body is sin, impure.

It is tough to live in this kind of world of pain where you have to escape from these evils.

Going to paradise is the right thing to do. This is what Buddha had preached in his early days.

This is the view of impurity or the view of vanity.

Otherwise said as the view of pessimism.

The ideas of the Child of Sin bring people to these views. Originally, this needed to be further developed and sublimed. However, for my part, I was not able to preach to that extent, and there was nobody who could have preached that much in my disciples.

Therefore, the thoughts of Child of Sin were not preached by posterity, but by me myself.

It wasn’t a mistake, but a teaching up to a certain stage.

There is no sense in making even the gifted people into the Child of Sin.

Those of posterity who have reflected on themselves, such as those of the church and other virtuous people are persecuting themselves that they are the Child of Sin.

This is not right.

I did not want to say this.

I started the thought of the Child of Sin as a word of life to make people reflect on themselves.

At the time, this was an epochal incident.

The error was that this stopped at the idea of the Child of Sin, and this idea needed to be further denied, developed, and become sublime

There is no sin or evil at all in God.

That is the true nature of human life.

It is necessary to be aware of yourself as the Child of God in the stages of Hegel’s thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.

The idea of Child of Sin being disconnected from God is the thesis. However, God has no sin, which is the antithesis. In the stage of synthesis, humans are the Child of God, with no evil nor sin. This kind of awareness is needed.

There is no need for the normal pious man and woman to devote to the idea of the Child of Sin, and to persecute themselves over and over that he or she has sinned.

Of course, humans become guilty from immaturity, and there are deeds and the principle of action and reaction. However, the true nature of life is a sin. It is not evil.

In the fundamental nature of life, the heart of God dwells in everyone. Looking here, there is no sin, nor disease, nor evil. Therefore, God has no sin, no disease, and is not evil.

Humans are not the Child of Sin, but the Child of God, the Child of Virtue, the Child of Justice.

What would happen if the heart of God without any sin, evil, and disease come together with the heart of yourself, becoming as one?

This is the enlightenment of unification of God and human. Not only is God innocent, but the real human becomes innocent as well. Not only is God virtuous, but the real human becomes virtuous as well. It is not that the heart of God itself has no disease, but the real human becomes a self without any disease.

Reality itself becomes truth and turns into the land of God.

I am the road and the truth.

I am the light of the world, and then become the one and only in heaven and below.

Above and below heaven, only God becomes holy.

Will it be not the exile from the Paradise of Eden, but humanity and the world will never be exiled from the Paradise of Eden in reality.

Reality becomes the paradise of Eden.

The enlightenment of unification of heaven and earth become as one, as the land of God.

The virtuous heart of God and the life of human must unite through improvement and evolution.

When this happens, the virtuous paradise of Eden appears in reality.

When that happens, the Earth and the universe itself will realize the truth that it was originally an eternal paradise of Eden.

The Earth, the natural world, and the universe are the temple of God, the sacred land of God.

The Earth and the natural world are originally the Paradise of Eden.

Therefore, putting yourself in the natural world will make everyone, including humans, feel calm.

We, humans, are who are polluting this Paradise of Eden, the Earth.

We need to bring the innocent heart of God and the self in reality together through enlightenment. Becoming one with God will make the innocent Land of God manifest into reality.

This is the creation of the Paradise of Eden and the manifestation of the Land of God.

The second fundamental spirit of the new era by Jesus is the revival of love.

Revival means to raise again.

Love is sincerity and kindness.

However, this second point is not easy to achieve. With Capitalism placing wealth as “heaven”, politicians placing national interest as “heaven”, and democracy placing the common interest of the people as “heaven”, all are placing and following interests as “heaven”.

The mind is “heaven”, the materials being “earth”. Heaven and earth are eternal as one.

The heart of God is “heaven”, the body of God is “earth”. Heaven and earth are eternal as one.

Justice is “heaven”, and interest is “earth”. Heaven and earth are eternal as one.

They do not change until the end of the universe.

The higher self is “heaven”, and relative ego is “earth”. Heaven and earth are eternal as one.

Our civilizations are the complete opposite of the heart of God.

Therefore, we are separating ourselves from the large universe in front of us by placing interest as “heaven” and justice as “earth”.

We are separating ourselves from the universe by placing relative materials as “heaven” and placing the mind as “earth”.

We are separating ourselves from the universe (God) by placing our convenience and our ego as “heaven” and placing the higher self as “earth”.

Unification of the universe and the self is virtuous.

Separation of the self from the universe is evil.

Our civilizations are exiled from the Paradise of Eden. We are separated from the universe, so civilizations are exiled from the universe.

The unification of heaven and earth is virtuous.

Separation of heaven and earth is evil.

Our civilizations which are the “earth” are exiled from “heaven”.

The heart of God is “heaven”, and the heart of human is “earth”, and as one in eternity.

Unification of God and human is virtuous.

Separation of God and human is evil.

Many people are getting exiled from God because the heart of God and the heart of human are separated.

This exile is called the exile from the Paradise of Eden.

It is extremely difficult to revive love under the political and economic systems exiled from the Paradise of Eden.

By placing wealth as “heaven”, people are indifferent to lie to others for wealth and interest. Many people who cheat and threaten others for their interests will appear.

It is difficult to live and interact with sincerity and kindness towards others that lie, cheat, deceive, and threaten you.

In modern society, the revival of love seems difficult.

To do this, there need to be drastic changes to the economic principles and political systems so that they work with the structure of the universe.

The third fundamental spirit of the new era by Jesus is the reconstruction of economic principles.

Here again, are the words of Jesus.

The third fundamental spirit is the reconstruction of economic principles.

From now on, the problems of the economy would become more severe and will head towards even more diverse directions.

In one of these, there will be an era where one price and value will be carried through.

This reconfirmation of the economy, the new economic theory, in other words I think, encloses a theory of a principle from a worldly result.

After all, economic theories are the theories of worldly prosperity. I think that how worldly it develops and prospers is explained theoretically.

An era of this theory of worldly prosperity and development weaved together with the truth is planned.

Therefore, the new spirit is thought of as the arrival of the era of truth-based economics and God’s economics.

The revisited Socrates said the following as well.

The objective and theory of Capitalism is the prosperity of God, and the objective and theory of Communism is the creation of utopia.

Most of the things that they have done are misunderstandings and misconceptions today. However, in the point that at least the movement of socioeconomics must bring some kind of utopia to humanity, their directions are correct and conforming.

The reason why today’s intellectuals and sensible people are drawn towards materialism is not that materialism is correct. It is because they believe that the far goals that Marx had been aiming for were correct, and they get drawn to those kinds of religious thoughts.

However, the theory is incorrect.

The objective is correct.

However, it is found out that there is a defect within each other.

The lack of understanding of the values that each other are aiming for is becoming a problem.

Economic theories coming from now on will be principles that have uniformed the objectives and philosophies of both the prosperity of God from Capitalism and the realization of a utopian world from Communism.

This as well are the stages of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. There is the thesis of Capitalism and the antithesis of Communism.

The economic principle is the synthesis of the two.

If Socrates said this, it must be.

Economics will shape the important currents of the world from now on.

In this large movement of economics, philosophy and religion as well must flow in.

A new “value” will erupt through the studies of economics.

This part is still not well understood even to this day, but it seems that Socrates is valuing a lot of economics and is saying that all studies will flow into economics in the future.

Even religion.

Most modern economics only pursue phenomena where “If you do this, this will happen”

It is the “Economics of Sein” of “what is”.

There has to be life breathed into this economic principle.

He said that the “Economics of Sollen” of “what should” must be preached from now on instead of the “Economics of Sein”.

The conventional economist mostly consists of those who are skilled in mathematics. However, eventually, it is scheduled that many economists with knowledge of religion will come up.

Both Jesus and Socrates said that today’s economic principle must be reconstructed.

Therefore, there are problems with the modern economic principle.

The core of the economy is not wealth. In the future, it will only last if, at least, economic principles put God’s will as the core.

These are the three fundamental spirits of the new era by Jesus. First is to push forward the idea of humans being the Child of God.

The second is the revival of love, and the third is the reconstruction of economic principles.

He has put out these three points as the fundamental spirit of the new era.

“The Democratic Testament of God” is the best political system.

The existing democracy contradicts its two core concepts, “liberty and equality”.

It asserts equality even though there is no “equality” by denying the existence of God.

The existence of God would merge and raise the two main concepts of democracy.

And God is not the common interest of humanity, but the common “meaning of life” of humanity.

“The Democratic Testament of God” puts the heart of God in “heaven”, and the body of God (material) on “earth”.

It aligns itself in the same construction as the universe in front of it, and the whole civilization rapidly evolves into the next generation of civilizations, fusing itself with the universe.

In the universe, the heart of God is “heaven, the body of God is “earth” eternally, and they exist as one.

The universe and civilization start to merge.

If we continue civilizations that contradict God’s heart, it would become more than just a matter of climate change.

Humanity must no longer misunderstand our faith in God.

This is the foundation of the earth’s final utopia.

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