Faith Ⅱ

Conscience does not belong to religion.

The heart of God does not belong to religion, but to the universe and the natural world forever.

The spirits of the afterlife and the human beings of this world have created religions by reading a part of the heart of God manifested in the universe and the natural world.

Of course, it’s not wrong, but it’s not perfect either.

Therefore, all existing religions, even global religions, are finite good, so-called expedients.

Unfortunately, it can be said that the heart of God, which is universally valid for the whole human beings, has not been preached so far.

As Kant said, the summum bonum (the highest good) cannot be recognized.

There has never been, has not been, and will never be the one who realizes and understands perfect justice and truth, whether it is the spirit of the afterlife or the human beings of the world.

As Emerson states, in the whole process of history, all the good that comes out through human beings is only an approximation of God.

Perfect justice is the very heart of God.

This is the ultimate purpose of history, as explained in Hegel’s philosophy.

Therefore, whether it is the divine spirits of the afterlife or the human beings of this world, there is no choice but to elucidate step by step toward the perfect heart of God, as in science.

This point was also mentioned by Jesus in another world.

In response to the question, “Did you get complete enlightenment?” He said, “There is no perfection.

There is no such thing as perfection.

” In this way, many people misunderstand this point because religion speaks the name of God.

“What we know is only one point compared to what we do not know,” said Emerson.

All the truths that appear in the past, present, and future have their roots in the universe and the natural world without exception.

Therefore, the heart of God does not belong to religion, but to the universe and the natural world.

As long as they exist in the universe, they are all believers in God.

The heart of God is manifested only in the universe and the natural world in this world.

Recent times, there are only a few people who have realized the heart of God, such as Hegel, Emerson, Goethe, Kitaro Nishida, and Shinji Takahashi.

They all read the heart of God manifested in the universe and the natural world and preach their ideas.

Even if those who preach the truth appear in the future, as long as the truth is the heart of God, they will always read and preach the heart of God manifested in the universe and the natural world.

Since the universe is God, the hearts of God that appear in the past, present, and future all have their origins and roots in this universe.

Therefore, it is the universe, that is, God, that divides the right and wrong of all religions, all philosophies, and all ideas that appear in the past, present, and future.

A religion that worships the universe is called “just.”

A religion that does not realize that the universe is God and therefore worships a human guru or does not mention the existence of the universe is called “evil”.

The latter is, at best, a religion of expedient that worships metaphorical good to the ego, a god that is metaphorical to God, that is, a god of expedient.

The religion that brings the universe to the center is “just.”

The religion that worships the gurus and the famous high spirits of the afterlife with personality is the religion of “evil” or expedient.

The religion of expedient does not bring salvation to the human race.

Unless people understand and believe in the true God, there is no salvation for “all” humankind.

There is a “law” to save “all” humankind.

In the history of the earth so far, the law of salvation for “all” mankind has never been preached.

This website is preaching it for the first time.

When I realized the law of salvation for “all” mankind, I understood that it would be absolutely impossible without putting the true God at the center and preaching faith in God.

The salvation of all mankind is not possible with the traditional belief in the saintly gurus and the gods of the expedient in another world.

Therefore, believers of such religions should not know how to save all humankind.

On the contrary, if we preach our faith in the true God, we can always save all humankind.

There is no salvation for humankind while affirming atheism with “freedom of religion” as a shield.

There is no salvation for humankind in a suspicious religion that makes us believe in a suspicious god.

There is an absolute law to save 8 billion human beings, all of them. Knowing that law reveals to us the rigorous fact that we have no choice but to put the true God in the center of the world.

In any case, the knowledge, thoughts, concepts, cognitions, and emotions of human beings in the past, present, and future and their ego are all relative, and in that sense, they are “contradictions.”

The ego creates a contradiction in society from its relationship with the relativity of other ego.

Unification is “heaven”, contradiction is “earth”, and the unification of heaven and earth is forever.

Head for “contradiction” means to head for “earth”.

If we live according to our ego, we will live in that relativity, and eventually the civilization will collapse on the land mine of contradiction.

Since the ego is a “contradiction”, we cannot live without the unifier, that is, God.

This is because God relatively creates humans so that they cannot live according to their ego.

This is also one proof that God created humans.

Contradiction without unification is the path of destruction.

Therefore, when this unification of God is lost, civilization and the world will perish.

That is, when mankind lose faith in God.

Therefore, in Nishida’s philosophy, God is regarded as the great unifier of the universe.

Oscar Wilde said no one can live with a pit viper in his backyard. That’s exactly right.

The ego is a pit viper.

Some people feed the pit vipers of the ego every day in their backyard.

They feed on the pleasures and benefits that the ego seeks and keep them at home.

Our civilization is decaying and perishing due to the poison of the pit vipers.

Exactly as Oscar Wilde says, no one can live with a pit viper in their backyard.

This is because they lose faith in God, do not live by the heart of God, but try to live according to the ego.

The human ego, whoever it belongs to, means a contradiction.

We cannot live by contradiction.

The universe is eternal as its existence because it has not lost its unifier and all contradictions are completely unified by the heart of God.

Time and space, so-called space-time, are matter.

Matter is forever unified by the heart of God.

Indeed, the universe is an exemplary faith of God, teaching mankind to believe in God and how to live.

God forever unifies the relativity and contradiction of the body (material) of God by the heart of God.

Through His appearance, God teaches us humankind to unify the relativity of the ego and the contradiction of matter through faith and enlightenment in God.

Do not be dominated by contradictions but dominate contradictions.

Do not be dominated by matter but dominate matter.

God teaches us not to be dominated by relatives, but to dominate relatives.

Because we lose faith in God, our minds are dominated by matter, contradiction, and relatives.

Then, the substance is put in the “heaven” and the mind is put in the “earth”.

And ourselves will be separated from the universe whose heart is put in “heaven” and matter in “earth”, and we will become evil.

We will be one of the leading players to corrupt the world and will have no choice but to live in a corrupt world.

God teaches us to unify all contradictions with the heart of God, unify all matter with the heart of God, and unify all relatives with the heart of God, as God does so forever in the universe.

The exemplary faith like God Himself is impossible for humans, but the universe is forever showing us an example of that faith in front of us.

The form of faith in God and its example are in the universe and in God.

Our civilization has completely lost its unifier.

It is a civilization that tries to exist by contradiction while the contradiction remains contradiction.

Eventually, the contradiction will immobilize the civilization and prevent it from moving forward.

Neither humanity nor civilization can walk forward just as an old man with weak legs.

Our civilization is going to get stuck in a maze with no exit.

Climate change symbolizes that.

The heart of God is the entrance and exit of truth.

Humans and civilizations who have lost God will drift like ghosts in a world with no entrance and no exit.

The heart of God is the unification, and the body of God is the contradiction.

The relationship between God’s heart and God’s body is unification and contradiction.

Both are bilateral sides of one reality.

The heart of God is the truth, and the body of God is the profit.

Truth is equal to profit, and both are bilateral sides of one reality.

Even if it is cut, it does not become a reality, but becomes an ego.

This realism is the only law of God’s prosperity that God allows.

“The very reality is the truth,” said Kitaro Nishida.

The body (material) of God is a problem, and the heart of God is the answer.

The universe is a collection of problems, and losing God is the same as losing the answer.

Therefore, even in the cause of climate change, we give an ridiculous answer and show ignorance.

Those who have neglected their efforts to realize justice always make the wrong decisions, even when the earth is on the verge of living or dying.

This is also due to immaturity, which is far from the heart of God and close to the body (material) of God.

We have acquired egoism by putting the relative wealth and national interests that the relativity of matter means in “heaven” because we have lost faith in God and have immaturity close to matter.

The fraudulent wealth we have gained by devouring the natural world is causing climate change and endangering us.

Because we have immaturity close to the substance, we also blame the substance called GHG for the cause of climate change.

Even if GHG is eliminated, human egoism will not disappear.

Even if GHG is eliminated, atheism will not disappear.

Even if GHG is eliminated, human arrogance will not disappear.

The egoism and arrogance will destroy the natural world and GHG will continue to emerge.

Our civilization has brilliantly forgotten and lost the heart. What we have learned from this civilization that is threatening the earth and the natural world is that if we lose faith in God, humankind will lose its heart at the same time.

To put it the other way around, regaining faith in God is the way for humans to regain their hearts.

Therefore, the way to regain faith in God can be said to be the way for a person to regain his conscience.

The modern civilization is clearly not a civilization that exists by unification, but a civilization that exists by contradiction.

Relative things connect to relative things, and absolute things connect to absolute things.

The higher self is the “heaven”, the ego is the “earth”, and the unification of heaven and earth is forever.

However, we put the ego, which is the “earth”, in the “heaven”.

Then, the relativity of the ego and the relativity of the substance are connected, so the substance is also put in “heaven” at the same time.

That is why we do not put the heart of God in “heaven”, but put this wealth and national interest, which is the body of God, in “heaven”.

Instead of thinking God’s heart as our own heart, we use God’s body as a measure of our hearts, and we are causing climate change.

As explained in Nishida’s philosophy, in this universe, the world that can be seen (object) is the world of the viewer’s mind (subject) and it is the world of unification of subject and object.

The heart of each person creates the world.

Because our hearts are wrong, the world becomes also wrong, and we are extinct 40,000 kinds of creatures in a year.

“The world also shows a rational appearance to those who see the world reasonably,” said Hegel.

“Things and objects exist according to what people see,” said Oscar Wilde.

And those who do not have faith in God are ruled by the matter and can only take thoughts and actions that have the attributes of the matter.

It is the devils of hell that are dominated by matter, not the high spirits of heaven.

Since matter is the body of God, it has the attribute of being far from the heart of God.

A world or civilization without faith in God, if left alone, will automatically create a world far from God’s heart with this attribute.

And people and the world will automatically rot.

As with any era, when mankind loses faith in God, mankind and the world will automatically rot as much as they like just by leaving it alone.

This is also one proof that God created the world.

That is why high spirits preach faith in God more enthusiastically.

If any human being strengthens the ego, the relativity of the ego and the relativity of the matter are linked and controlled in the direction of the body (material) of God.

If that person strengthens higher self, he will be ruled in the direction of God’s heart.

This can’t be helped.

Because God and mankind live forever as one.

And if mankind is ruled by the heart of God, the world will be good, and if mankind is ruled by the body of God, the world will be as bad as modern civilization.

Mankind must know the structure and mechanism of this divine world.

So, what is the cause of corruption in humans and the world?

The only reason is that mankind has lost faith in God.

That alone has ruined the world, civilization, the ecosystem and climate.

Still, immature human beings do not know the cause.

This civilization is typical of “lack of enlightenment leads to death.”

The high spirit is not preaching faith in God as a pun or a joke.

Faith in God is the most important issue involved in the practical survival of civilization and the world as well as mankind.

The universe is a manifestation of the heart of God, and if the material universe exists by the heart of God, then mankind and the world must also exist by the heart of God.

In future new civilizations, the existence of God and faith in God will be central.

In the future, a civilization that has lost God will never be created.

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