Multidimensional World Ⅰ

Informally, “the afterlife” refers to the subconscious mind of each person, and the self-conscience is called “the afterlife.”

The conscience exists in a world that is located in different dimension from this world. That is why we can make the right decisions without being influenced by mundane interests and circumstances. The conscience inspires and guides us in the form of “suddenly coming to mind.”

Now, since the GLA founded by Shinji Takahashi, it has been explained to the 10th dimensional world, which can be said to be the highest spiritual realm among the gods who have physical bodies as human beings, and this is a world that even Swedenborg could not reach in his lifetime.

Our world is a four-dimensional space-time continuum, commonly referred to as the 4th dimensional world.

The afterlife that expands in the subconscious refers to the worlds that are higher than 4th dimension. The world in which each person will live is divided in proportion to the stage and degree of enlightenment, that depends on how much he realized the heart of God, whether he knew the essence of himself, and whether he realized true goodness.

The heaven, as it is commonly called, refers to the worlds above 4th dimensional world. The hell world is not a world that conflicts with heaven, but a very small world, it is a world that extends in the lower part of this 5th dimensional world.

Heaven and hell exist in the subconscious of each person, that is, the depth of superficial consciousness.

Therefore, if human beings in this world emit signals of evil on their superficial consciousness, they will communicate with this hell world and incur possession of evil spirits.

And if he dies in that state, he will be dragged into this hell world.

This is the phenomenon of falling into hell.

Once you have fallen into hell, you have no choice but to reflect on your sins in the light of your conscience and beg forgiveness of God.

The only way to get out of hell soon is to atone for your own sins through remorse.

That is why the essence of Buddhism is “reflection”.

If all human beings could reflect on their own conscience, no one would fall into hell.

Even if you fall into hell, you cannot get out of hell unless you reflect on it.

It does not matter whether you live in this world or fall into hell, you will reflect on it anyway.

You can’t return to heaven unless you do.

This Buddhist reflection has been described in Christianity as “repentance.”

If you repent, you can return to heaven.

Religion and denomination are irrelevant.

Truth is a universal value and does not belong to any particular religion or denomination.

The essence of Buddhism is reflection, but the essence of Christianity is love, sincerity and kindness.

Just as no one will fall into hell if they can always reflect on what they have done in their lifetime, those who have lived with sincerity and kindness for more than 50% of their lives will not fall into hell.

High Spirits have said that 60% of earthlings are now in hell.

They said, in particular, women fall into hell about twice as often as men.

Women usually can’t use rough language or violence, but the fact that they fall into hell twice as often as men means that women tend to distort their minds, said High Spirits.

They suggested that we must think about the cause and countermeasures.

So, this is the hell. However, on the contrary, if we send signals of goodness on the superficial consciousness, we will be connected to heaven, we will be inspired by goodness, our hearts will grow. If we die in that state of mind, we will return to heaven in proportion to each person’s enlightenment.

According to High Spirits, the population of hell is currently about 3 billion, and the population of heaven is about 50-60 billion.

When the end of the world, which is said in Christianity, comes, the population of this hell world will temporarily swell, and there will be the turmoil for hundreds of years, according to them. They said that they are currently ready to accept the large number of returning souls.

There is no heaven or hell apart from one’s heart.

Some may think of afterlife as the world after death. However, the term “afterlife” is a term of expedient that is metaphorical to the physical body. I don’t dare say it’s a mistake, but at least it’s not accurate.

The world after death refers to the world after death of the body. It uses the body as the standard.

It is true that, after the physical death, the world where we return to heaven is the afterlife, so this term is not a mistake. But if we get caught up in this term, it will lose its accuracy.

Humans in this world usually live with superficial consciousness, and another world is in the subconscious, but this world and another world are always living together.

The superficial consciousness is this world, and the subconscious is another world.

The human mind is always connected to another world of the different dimensions.

The unification of the superficial consciousness and the subconscious is forever, and this world and the other world live forever as one.

“The superficial consciousness is bad; the subconscious mind is good. If you realize it, you can see that you have entered the state of enlightenment,” said Shinji Takahashi.

Regardless of life or death, the unification of the afterlife and this world is forever. In spite of this fact, human beings inadvertently emit evil signals on their superficial consciousness, and it leads to the consequence as follows: They will lose contact with heaven, and because of the evil signals, they will be more connected to the hell world, incurring possession of evil spirits, and constantly frustrated, and finally dragged into hell after death.

Superficial consciousness and subconsciousness, ego and higher self, this world and the afterlife are inseparable and live forever as one.

If a human being on the earth emits an evil signal on his superficial consciousness, he will communicate with the hell world that exists in the subconscious and will lead to possession of evil spirits. That is because this world and the afterlife are always one.

Unless this world and the afterlife are originally one, the hell spirit cannot possess the earthly human beings.

If this world and the afterlife are separated from the beginning, there is no phenomenon of possession of evil spirits.

Because the afterlife and this world are cut off, both worlds cannot interfere with each other.

If there is still the phenomenon of possession of hell spirits, it is because this world and the afterlife are always one.

Hell spirits and demons are not the existence of this world, but the existence of a world with different dimensions of other worlds.

The existence of this world is possessed by the existence of another world through the heart.

The fact that the possession phenomenon of the hell spirit of another world exists in this world means that this world and another world are unified forever.

The other world is “heaven”, this world is “earth”, and the unification of heaven and earth is forever.

The subconscious is “heaven”, the superficial consciousness is “earth”, and the unification of heaven and earth is forever.

When this “heaven” and “earth” are separated by superficial consciousness, it incurs the possession of evil spirits, and if they die in that state of spirits, they will be dragged into the hell world inevitably.

The separation of heaven and earth realizes unhappiness.

Falling into hell is called unhappiness, and returning to heaven is called happiness.

And in order to return to heaven, there is no choice but to realize the heart of God, so the heart of God is called eternal happiness.

Those who deny the existence of God are those who deny the happiness of mankind from the beginning.

The enlightenment of unification of heaven and earth will realize the happiness of humankind.

There is no hell in the enlightenment of heaven and earth, which goes through the “heaven” of the other world and the “earth” of this world.

The subconscious mind includes not only heaven but also the hell world, but depending on the spiritual state of superficial consciousness, it will lead to both worlds.

This subconscious mind is commonly referred to as the afterlife, and in heaven only, it is also called the conscience.

Earth humans are always living with the afterlife.

Living with God means living with your conscience, and living with your conscience means living with the afterlife.

Conscience does not belong to any particular religion.

Heaven is a world where the perception of good is objective, and hell is a world where the perception of evil is objective.

The law of unification of subject and object is the law that runs through this world and the afterlife.

Even when same terms as ‘good’ or ‘evil’ are used, such objective worlds are expanding, and this is the vastness of the spirit world.

The stage of enlightenment, which is close to the heart of God, appears from the 5th dimensional world to the 10th dimensional world as a fair evaluation.

Each person has exactly the same heart of God, but the efforts of each person who realizes that heart of God are also evaluated fairly. The world where equality means fairness based on the heart of God is the multidimensional world of the afterlife.

“The fundamental method of reality means ‘one is many, and many is one.’ It has discrimination in equality and equality in discrimination,” said Kitaro Nishida.

The absolute contradiction of equality and discrimination, equality and fairness are aufheben by the heart of God.

If we are biased toward equality, we lose the fair evaluation of each person, and if we are biased toward discrimination, we lose the equality of each person.

Regardless of which way we are biased, we will be out of the heart of God.

Equality means discrimination and equality means fairness. That is the hearts of God.

The multidimensional world that exists in the subconscious expands from the 5th dimensional world to the 10th dimensional world. Heaven is a world where the recognition of goodness is objective, and that goodness has infinite height.

Therefore, it does not end in the 10th dimensional world, and even above the 11th dimensional world, the objective worlds exist infinitely upward.

However, the evolution of those who train on earth with their bodies is up to the 10th dimensional world, and there are currently 10 gods such as Zeus, Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Moses in this 10th dimensional world.

At the Second Coming Jesus said as follows: “Even from my world, I have no idea what dimension the true God is in.

In the 11th dimensional world, there are three consciousness, two planetary consciousnesses (earth consciousness and lunar consciousness) and the positive terrestrial consciousness. Terrestrial consciousness is not planetary consciousness, but it is said to be the de facto god of the earth.

Furthermore, in the 12th dimensional world above it, there is the sun spirit that controls the solar system, and above that there is also the galaxy consciousness that controls the galaxy in the 13th dimension, and it continues infinitely upward.

The high spirit of the 9th dimensional world said that while in the afterlife, even galactic consciousness seemed like God to her.

I don’t know what dimension the true God is in. However, at least the earthlings do not have to worry if they think of this 11th dimensional consciousness, the terrestrial consciousness, as God.”

Jesus also said, “originally, I should have preached these things 2000 years ago, but I could not. After my death, it led to endless debate about monotheism, polytheism, or the Trinity.”

The afterlife is called the multi-dimensional world, but this multi-dimensional world must be understood from the “law of one-is-many, many-is-one”, the “law of unification of subject and object”, and the “law of immovable movers”. Instead, it is necessary to know the “law of wavelength sharing” as the theory of the relationship between the other worlds and this world.

All future human beings will explore this multidimensional world.

Archimedes is one of the high spirits in the 10th dimensional world that has reached the pinnacle of evolution. This conscious body is one of the top scientists on Earth.

This Archimedes will later regain his body as Isaac Newton, and what Newton said in the afterlife is as follows: “Human beings in the future will head toward the elucidation of this multidimensional world.

Without elucidation of the afterlife, that is, the multidimensional world, future science will not progress even one step.”

As long as the person at the top of the scientist says so, there will be various opinions, but future science will move toward the elucidation of this multidimensional world.

The high spirits of the 9th and 10th dimensional worlds closest to God agree on this point. So, it’s only a matter of time before this idea goes down to the earth and becomes the mainstream idea.

Because the human happiness only exists here.

Therefore, among the religions that will appear in the future, there is no future for religions that cannot explain the multidimensional world and reincarnation.

This is because this “multidimensional world” and “reincarnation” will be the foundational law of future civilization.

The elucidation of the multidimensional world is the elucidation of Paradise of Eden, the elucidation of the Kingdom of God.

Not only religious people, philosophers, and thinkers, but also scientists will move toward the elucidation of the afterlife in the future.

Mankind shares this multidimensional world forever with its subconscious mind.

Therefore, any earthling will return to one of the dimensional worlds of this multidimensional world after death.

Some people may fall into hell, but if you are a good person, you will definitely return to one of the 5th to 10th dimensional worlds.

The worlds where all 8 billion people go after death is the multidimensional world.

And that multidimensional world is in the subconscious of each person.

In other words, all human beings exist in the midst of each person’s heart.

There are 50 billion or 60 billion spirits in the afterlife, but they all live in this multidimensional world.

In other words, all 60 billion spirits are in the midst of each person.

The population of the hell world was said to be 3 billion, but that hell world refers to the lower half of the 5th dimensional world.

The hell world also exists in each person’s subconscious, and exists in the midst of each person.

The 60 billion spirits that live in heaven, the 3 billion evil spirits and demons that live in hell, and all humankind are in the midst of each and every one.

Socrates once said, “Know thyself.”

The true “Thou” means that all human beings and self are one, 60 billion spirits and self are one, and hell spirit and self are also one. Socrates said to know this.

That is, he said to know everything.

All future human beings will return to this multidimensional world after death.

To elucidate the multidimensional world means to elucidate the heart of God, who controls all humankind in the past, present, and future forever.

And since the multidimensional world exists in the midst of each person, it can be said that all human beings in the past, present, and future exist in the midst of themselves forever.

Today’s human beings are still arguing about the existence of the afterlife, but whether or not human beings admit it, the future history will inevitably lead to the elucidation of this multidimensional world.

Because the happiness of mankind exists only within it.

It goes without saying that it is necessary to establish the absolute authority of the true God, the universe, before that.

The future of humankind is to elucidate the universe and multidimensional world, this world and the afterlife, that is, the world which created by God himself.

This is the future of humankind in the future.

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