The relation between good and evil is simply that between life and matter.

Each human being has his own various outlooks on life and the world, his own sense of values and morals.

Life and matter are the sources that decide all of these varieties.

Life and matter are originally entity.

This entity is only thing that God created directly with his hands.

It controls all characters living in this world, heaven and hell.

If the source that unifies our various senses of values or outlooks on life is defined as life and matter,
it is considered that God is the existence who controls everything.

The material universe is expressed by God, and also by his body. Religion is the search for the mind of God and science is the search for body of God.

The mind and body of God are one in mental matter and they are not inseparable.

The true structure of this world is a five-dimensional one, where life of God exists continuously on space-time, not a four-dimensional one as scientists of today might think.

Therefore, when life changes, the curvature of space-time and matter also change.

The thing that changes life is the truth, which is mind of God.

Universal standard of value which humankind searching for is only preached through the relation between the mind and body of God, which means the relation between life and matter.

Of course, the mind of God that is justice and love is the master and matter is the servant.

In conclusion, the law of good and evil that controls the whole universe means as follows: Life is good, and matter is evil. Since life is matter, good and evil is unity.

God (the core of character) is good and self (ego) is evil.

Since God is self, good and evil are unity.

Perfection is good and imperfection is evil. Since perfection is imperfection, good and evil are unity.

Infinity is good and the finite is evil.

Since infinity is the finite, good and evil is unity.

Creativity is good and destruction is evil.

Since creativity is destruction, good and evil are unity.

Some religionists separate God (the core of character) from the self (ego) and life from matter, though, they preach us to espouse God (the core of character) or reality or moderation, but this is only a metaphor, not reality.

If one separates God (the core of character) from the self (ego), life from matter and good from evil, they would no longer really exist.

But, they become ego (self).

It means that you separate good from evil, life from matter by the self and this is not real image of God.

God expresses his idea metaphorically through “matter” in the material universe.

As Goethe stated, the world of poetry is the only place where the true world exists.

Or as Professor Nishida stated, t the world of poem is the world of pure experience.

Also, as Emerson stated that the object or thing itself is a symbol, therefore; unless you know what the “matter” in front of us shows in the law of God, you can not know the true meaning of good and evil.

We ourselves bring about good from a response between matter and self (ego).

All the evil returns to the self (ego) in the same way as all the good return to God.

Therefore, the self-evident truth which defines right and wrong about religion, idea and philosophy, depends on the idea which originates from God or matter or core character or self (ego).

God is good and human beings (self) are evil, but, since God is human beings, good and evil is one and only.

The above-mentioned fact was explained as the “original sin” in the Old Testament.

All evils and sins have their origin in human beings and their egos.

Then, the ego brings about various evils in this world that are caused by its relations with matter.

Matter has the meanings of method, evanescence and the relation between servant of master and servant.

If a character persists in matter, the character would become a means and hover between life and death evanescently.

Also the character of the servant toward matter would be established.

The nature of all evil is self-denial and denial of existence.

The reason why human beings should not fall into evil is because this means denial of their own existence and lives by oneself and it is not just because of artificial reasons like this that it is not good to give someone trouble or to go against the law.

Matter also has connotations of relativity and discrimination.

In case that human’s mind faces out and persists in matter, the sense of comparison arises from relativity and a fake idea of superiority or inferiority, top and bottom, victory or defeat, pain and ease is
created from this relative comparison.

Thus, conflicts, strife, misfortune and trouble are brought about in our world.

And, discriminalism is generated from an aspect of discrimination.

Also, some try to go ahead by the ego and create a false world of power.

Consequently it becomes impossible to create a world where all of humankind can live as a unit.

That is why religionists have preached abandonment of materialism or selfish, not to worship an idol in particular.

Therefore, people who persist in being materialistic surely show the above-described characteristics.

The reason human beings need better matter is that there is pleasure and profit in it.

There are many personal pleasures and profit in extremes of superiority, inferiority, top, victory or joy of joy.

The same character who seeks personal pleasure and self interest is the cause of the seeking after personal power, profit, status or fame.

Once it gains power, a real world, full of ego or pleasure, that is, Babylon The Great comes about.

When you forget God, the world of the ego(self) is formed. The humankind who drinks “the wine of adultery” in the Revelation of St. John the Divine, the “Great Flirt of Babylon” correlates with the world in the present.

In short, it represents the world of pleasure and profit (self interest) that the ego seeks for, which means a human-oriented, self-oriented world.

Happiness is good and pleasure is evil.

Since happiness is pleasure, good and evil is one and same. Many people can not distinguish good from evil in their mind.

They are sure to secretly change happiness for pleasure, that is, good for evil. God (core of the character) is good and self (ego) is evil.

Their appearances (surface or material world) are the same whether to do good (God) or evil (self).

Therefore, as long as one persist in one’s eyes or matter, one cannot tell good from evil.

Let me go into detail.

God (core of character) seeks the mind of God and self (ego) seeks profit and pleasure.

For example, one asserts “environmental protection” in respect for nature when God (core of the character) is presented, because it is nature that protects human beings.

The idea that we human beings protect nature is considered as arrogance.

Those people who assert like this are person of God (core of character), that is, good.

To the contrary, a person of self (ego), evil?

Self (ego) seeks pleasure and profit.

Let me go into detail.

If deforestation is promoted by cutting down as many trees as possible in order to gain profit, mountains would become bare.

Trees would disappear no matter what method you use to cut them down.

The main point is that you can no longer gain profit.

Then, evil puts forward “environmental protection” in order to gain profit, that is, this action is motivated by profit.

“Environmental protection” is asserted in the same way whether motivated by God (core of the character) or by the self (ego).

Desspite that the same subject is discussed, one says good and the other says evil.

Most people cannot judge whether it is good or evil, because “environmental protection” sounds good and ends to the same result that wants God (core character) is proposed even if it is the motivation comes from evil.

Motivated by profit, we destroy nature and also pollute the water and the air.

Who on the earth breathe polluted air?

Who on the earth drink polluted water?

Evil is the denial of existence, living for itself.

The truth is good, profit is evil, so since truth is profit, it is the law of the universe that good and evil are unity.

God is the law of existence and his wills, so the role of religious sects is nothing important.

If you think you should take good care of nature just because you do not want to drink polluted water or breathe polluted air, it would be evil (ego) in the law of God (the truth).

All evil is self-preservation and is self (ego). Further, it results in accordance with good.

In the aspect of good, it is same on appearance.

We smile when we gain the truth, but we also smile when we gain money.

Whether good or evil that it results the same smile.

However, one brings good and unity, while the other brings conflict and strife.

This is one of the secrets between good and evil.

God (core of character) is good, self (ego) is evil, and they are one in life.

The core of character is another name for God and it responds to the God’s mind.

The self (ego) responds to the body of God.

Somebody reverse the relation between God’s mind and his body as the master and servant relationship in their mind.

Although God is the master and matter is the servant in the world of God, we live with the idea
that matter is the master and God is the servant, self is master and God is servant.

As a result, good and evil are born.

The mind of God is good and the body of God is evil.

Since the mind is the body, good and evil are the one and same.

In short, the universe is the great ethic expressed by God.

The only standard of values which humankind seeks and which is also of universal application for all humankind in the past, present and future, exists in the nature and in the universe where the mind of God is expressed.


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