Morality and Legality Ⅲ

The good that comes out of the higher self is called the “real truth,” and the good that comes out of the ego is called the “fake good,” or the good that is metaphorized to the matter, that is, the good of the expedient.

This is the source of good and evil in the eyes of God.

The distinction and problem of morality and legality is not only a matter of good and evil, but also of infinite and finite value.

For example, both higher self and ego, good and evil, have the same result of “world peace” in the phenomenological world, but those who think that the bodies are themselves depend on their own eyes and hearing. Therefore, it is not possible for them to judge and distinguish between good and evil.

Because both good and bad people say the same thing.

However, from the perspective of God, one is good and the other is evil, so it appears as the difference between the value of infinity and the value of finiteness in the phenomenological world.

The good of the expedient is the good that is metaphorized to the matter, the good that is metaphorized to the profit, the good that is metaphorized to the ego, and the good that is metaphorized to the result. The effective range as good is “finite” as well as the attribute of matter.

If you make finite infinite, evil will also become infinite.

The cause of corruption in the world is the infinity of this expedient.

The modern world is the world of expedient.

When the spirit is improved by faith and enlightenment in God, the resulting world is democracy “for the masses.”

Democracy is the good that is metaphorized to the result, that is, the political system of expedient.

The effective range as good is “finite” as well as the attribute of matter, but the world make this infinite.

Enlightenment is “heaven”, wealth is “earth”, and heaven and earth are unified, but this “earth” wealth is placed in “heaven”.

It’s capitalism.

The spirit is “heaven”, the matter is “earth”, and the unification of heaven and earth is forever, but this “earth” matter is placed in “heaven”.

It’s socialism.

It is a world where the immaturity of humankind, which is far from the heart (spirit) of God and close to the body (matter) of God, is well represented.

It is natural to corrupt because we are creating a world that is completely opposite to the heart of God.

We put God’s body in “heaven” and God’s heart in “earth.”

In the cosmos in front of us, the heart of God is the “heaven”, the body of God is the “earth”, and the unification of heaven and earth is forever.

Our civilization is the opposite, a civilization that is cut off from the universe, that is, God.

Our civilization is not unified with the universe and is evil.

If we are cut off from God, all beings will be evil.

The whole world is on the wrong path, and this world will once be in danger of collapse.

Kant made a clear distinction between morality and legality. Since morality is a value that originates from the heart of God and legality is a value that originates from the body of God, the heart of God and the body of God are one in the cosmos and cannot be cut off. It requires the acquisition of the recognition of being one, while making a clear distinction.

Legality is certainly not good as long as it comes from the ego, but it is permissible in the “finite” range as well as the attribute of matter.

Ego, matter, desire, wealth, power, honor and status, these relatives are tolerated to a finite extent.

The problem is that these finite things are made infinite.

Even if the ego and matter are allowed in a finite range, if this ego and matter are placed in “heaven” and made infinite, evil will also be infinite.

This is also the cause of world corruption.

Absoluteizing this relative thing is called arrogance to God. Since it puts God’s body in “heaven,” this has been strictly prohibited in the Middle East as idolatry.

All civilizations of the past have also been destroyed by this arrogance to God.

This will be the case again.

The relationship between morality and legality is the relationship between the heart of God and the body of God, which is the same as in the world of painting.

There are masterpieces such as Van Goch’s “Sunflowers”, Rembrandt’s “Philosophe en méditation”, or “De Nachtwacht”. I think they can cost millions of dollars, or even tens of millions of dollars depending on the paintings.

However, “art forgery of masterpieces” does not come at a great price.

It only costs a few tens or even a few hundred dollars.

What is the difference?

An amateur cannot distinguish between a real Rembrandt painting and a fake Rembrandt painting.

This is because they look the same.

This is an amateur.

However, if he shows an expert paintings that he does not know whether they are genuine or fake, and put them up for auction, then some will cost tens of millions of dollars, while the others will be an art forgery.

Experts can distinguish things that cannot be distinguished by amateurs.

The value of separating the amateur and the expert of truth is this morality and legality.

Both look the same.

It means that they look exactly the same.

For example, I have read a book by a person who specializes in forgery of Western paintings, and the author says that only Rembrandt’s paintings cannot be imitated.

The author can and is confident that he can imitate other Impressionist painters and historically famous painters.

But he just cannot do Rembrandt’s paintings.

The painting materials, the paints and their types, the types of brush hair, what paints were used to produce this color, all the paints Rembrandt used in the past, all the touches and compositions, canvases and techniques are understandable.

He says that he knows all the tools he used, but he still can’t imitate Rembrandt’s paintings.

He can imitate the paintings of other painters, but the reason why he can’t paint Rembrandt, is that Rembrandt was doing something divine when he was painting.

There was a divine revelation at the moment when he painted on the canvas with a paintbrush.

What the expert does not know is why Rembrandt was able to express the color at once at the moment.

It is a magic that is performed from moment to moment, and it is not a painting that can be imitated just by knowing the tools and painting materials that are used very much.

At the very moment when he held the paintbrush, in the world of the once-in-a-lifetime meeting, something that can only be expressed at that time was drawn in a divine way.

It is especially found in Rembrandt’s “light-skinned areas”.

Therefore, experts can distinguish between genuine Rembrandt paintings and forgery, even if they look the same.

However, when viewed by amateurs in painting, such a distinction is impossible.

They don’t know the difference in value.

Morality and legality are the basic axioms that truly distinguish between “genuine good” and “fake good”, but this is also the axiom that distinguishes between “genuine good” and “genuine evil.”

Both good and evil claim the same thing in the physical and auditory physical worlds.

Both good and evil insist “world peace”, “salvation of humankind”, “disappearance of hell world”, “eradication of crime and hunger”, “eradication of illness”, “economic prosperity”, “disappearance of suffering and realization of happiness,” “environment protection”.

Those who think that “human beings are the physical body” depend on the naked eye, so it is not possible to distinguish and judge this good and evil like God.

They recognize that they are the same good.

And this creates endless corruption in our world.

It is caused by the immaturity of each person, far from the heart of God, close to the body of God, far from the spirit, close to matter, far from the heart, and close to the body.

A person who recognizes morality and legality as the same good can be called an amateur of truth, but an expert of truth must be able to distinguish them.

It is the same in the phenomenon.

It means that professionals must be able to distinguish between genuine masterpieces and forgery of masterpieces.

The one who can distinguish this is the one who knows the salvation of the earth.

At the moment that we become able to distinguish between morality and legality, we should be able to understand all the basics of global salvation.

If we can understand the eternal axiom that legality lies in the regularity of the phenomenon and only matches the result of morality, then at that moment we understand what the true evil is in the eyes of God.

In other words, salvation means that each individual evolves toward God on the basis of spiritual improvement.

Human salvation and world peace will become a phenomenon in proportion to the evolution of the spirit.

The spirit is justice, the matter is profit, profit and pleasure are the shadows of justice, and justice and profit are inseparable.

It means that the mind is the matter, they are one.

This is the way of life that the universe teaches us humankind.

By improving the spirit, the benefits of salvation for humankind will appear, and the benefits of world peace will appear.

The evolution of the spirit phenomenizes the benefits of the disappearance of the hell world, drastically reducing hunger and crime.

Improving the spirit will realize the well-being of humankind and the conservation of the environment.

The evolution of the spirit gives answers to all the problems created from the immaturity of humankind, and leads to the solution of all the problems.

The evolution of the spirit is to create a self that is far from God’s body and close to God’s heart.

This is the basis, but since “spiritual evolution” is the keyword, efficient political system and education for spiritual evolution, development of economic principles and laws, and various institutional reforms and system reforms are required.

The history of the future is that the world will undergo a fundamental remodeling from the perspective of this “spiritual evolution.”

Therefore, the perspective of legality, that is, “real evil” in the eyes of God, can be said to be the value of seeking only these benefits such as “salvation of humankind,” “world peace,” “disappearance of the hell world,” “eradication of hunger and crime,” “environmental protection,” “human happiness”, that appear when the spirit evolves, without any improvement in the spirit.

This is legality and the root cause of corruption on earth.

God’s heart is “heaven”, God’s body is “earth”, and the unification of heaven and earth is forever.

These “great thieves of heaven and earth” are human beings who have legalized goodness.  They are “pay thieves” who have no faith in God, no spiritual evolution, no attempt to go to the heart of God, and are trying to obtain only benefits such as salvation of humankind, world peace, or wealth and national interest from God without fulfilling their obligations to God in the temple of God called the earth.

Those who don’t work and just devour their salary.

They are those who elude God’s eyes and grab only wealth and national interests like pickpockets in the world of God’s “heaven” and “earth.” They are called “the great thieves of heaven and earth” in the eyes of God.

These “great thieves of the heavens and the earth” are the cause of world corruption and climate change.

And this is consistent with morality in the phenomenon.

These “great thieves of heaven and earth” are commonly referred to as “forgery of truth.”

This is the same as the one who imitates Rembrandt’s painting and makes a forgery.

Only the surface agrees with the result of good.

The great thieves of heaven and earth also talk about world peace and are doing charity.

All for the benefit, not for the heart of God or for the righteousness, but the great thieves of heaven and earth also claim nonviolence and abolish racism.

And the layman of truth cannot distinguish this.

In the material world, only the result agrees with those who have aimed at God’s justice.

Only the surface is the same.

However, those who are the “great thieves of heaven and earth”, “legality”, and those who have made “forgery of truth” can be said to be “real evil”.

It is the real cause of the corruption so far in the world.

God’s heart is “morality” and God’s body is “legality”.

It means that if we worship matter, the world will rot.

The only reason why good has fallen into legality is “lack of faith in God.”

Because one lost his faith in God, he runs for his own convenience.

Then, in this cosmos, the relativity of the ego and the relativity of matter are linked, and that person is always dominated by matter.

If we are dominated by matter, we will put matter in “heaven”, relative things in “heaven”, and the evil of wealth and national interest in “heaven”.

And it even causes climate change.

Rembrandt’s paintings come at a huge price, but forgery of Rembrandt’s paintings are not.

Because it’s not worth it.

Legality means the worthless forgery of truth, and what is worthless in our world is the cause of corruption.

To put it the other way around, it is “value” that makes our world prosper.

The fact that valuable things are priced and worthless forgery is not priced is because the world, the universe, and the very existence itself are valuable.

If the world is originally worthless, no matter how much we create value, we will not be able to improve the world.

The reason why the world is improved by value creation is that the world and the universe itself have value.

God is value.

Truth is priced, but truth forgery is not.

It’s the same as Rembrandt’s forgery is not priced.

No matter how good the surface is, it cannot be priced.

Because it is fake justice and fake good.

The world is so corrupt because we misunderstand fake truth, fake justice, fake goodness, and fake love for real truth.

There are two reasons why humans misunderstand it. The first is that genuine truth and forgery are the same in appearance and look the same.

The second is because of immaturity, far from God’s heart and close to God’s body.

Being close to the matter is called immaturity. With this immaturity, good and evil look the same in the physical world. Therefore, if there is immaturity close to the matter, it cannot be distinguished, and it is mistaken for genuine good.

This is the “morality and legality” that is the basis of the good and evil of truth.

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