The law of horizon Ⅰ

The universe is the manifestation of God and the body of God.

Regardless of the east or west of the ocean, the high spirit who realizes that the universe in front of us is God himself reigns as the high spirit of the highest spiritual realm.

The source of all good is the heart (spirit) of God, and the source of all evil is the body (matter) of God.

The matter that is the source of all evil is the manifestation of the heart of God that is the source of all good, and the universe is the great ethical manifestation of God.

The idea of the heart of God manifested in the universe and the natural world is commonly called truth.

Therefore, the sources of all the truths that appear in the past, present, and future are the natural world and the universe, and all the truths come from here.

God and mankind exist as one forever, and this universe rules all mankind forever.

Not knowing the eternal unification of the universe and humankind, if human carelessly put the ego in “heaven”, we will immediately be ruled in the direction of God’s body, and if human put the higher selves in “heaven,” we will be immediately ruled in the direction of God’s heart.

And if we live in atheism, we live as the ego commands, so the relativity of the ego and the relativity of matter are linked, and we are sure to be controlled in the direction of God’s body and take thoughts and actions that have the attributes of matter.

The attribute of matter is relativity, and the relative one is always placed in “heaven”.

Wealth and national interest, this relative thing, would be in “heaven”.

Or, from the relative comparative view of the matter, we would fall to the extremes of superiority complex and inferiority complex, victory and defeat, anguish and pleasure, and deviate from the heart of God.

Also, since the spirit is the main and the matter is the obedience, if we live as the egos command, we will be dominated by this obedience.

Since the heart of God means infinite quality and the body of God means finite quantity, those who live according to the egos are dominated by the “quantity,” which is the attribute of this matter. They take thoughts and actions that are proud of quantity.

In this universe, being far from the heart of God and close to the body of God is called immaturity, and the body (matter) of God has the attribute of being far from the heart of God.

Without faith in God, we live according to our ego and are subject to control in the direction of this matter. We will create a world far from God’s heart, the so-called corrupt world.

Modern civilization is a typical example.

Absolutization of relative things is called arrogance to God. In other words, it can be said that the lack of faith in God has led to the arrogance of mankind, and that arrogance has led to the corruption of the whole world.

Civilization is always destroyed by this arrogance to God.

Due to the failure of Christ’s Second Coming in Japan, all prophecies, from Christian prophecies to various prophecies, were missed. However, many high spirits sent messages to all humankind before it failed at that time.

This time, let’s take a look at one of them, Kant’s words in the afterlife.

Kant also mentioned “criticism of spiritual empiricism,” but at first, he stated epistemology:

“If God’s action is that of only both hands, that action can only be limited.    

For those who think they have two hands, they can only do that much.

I was looking at the spirit that came out to you earlier.

That spirit could not come out and talk to you right now because he was giving a lecture in heaven.

He must have said so.

His perception is inferior to my perception.

With the recognition and enlightenment of the truth, he could have come here to talk and at the same time read a book in the study.

He could not because he did not recognize it at the time.

Originally, everyone has such power equally, but he could not do it because of his lack of enlightenment.

For example, I’m here now to talk to you, but at the same time I’m reading a book in the study of the afterlife.

At the same time, I congratulate my friends and at the same time milk the cow.

Now there is a Kant talking to you, a Kant reading a book in the study, a Kant congratulating a friend, a Kant milking a cow, Kant is one to four, four to one. One is many, many is one.

Do you understand?

Enlightened spirits can do what they need to do.

As long as he thinks he can’t do it, He can’t.

As long as he believes he has only two hands, he can only do two things.

For example, the voices of praying and calling Jesus on earth are every day.

But if Jesus is a limited being with only two actions of both hands, he cannot answer all of the millions of voices calling him.

As long as Jesus is with him who is praying to him, he cannot go to anyone else who is praying, and he cannot hear and answer that prayer.

God’s action would become a very limited action.

But in fact, Jesus can hear and answer the prayers of 10 million people at the same time.

He can exist in every place at the same time.

This culmination is God.

God exists everywhere and can exist at the same time at any time.

The Senju Kannon (the thousand-armed goddess), which is common in Buddhist statues, expresses this. If you have only two hands, you can only do two actions.

However, the human minds are not limited to these two actions.

They can perform as many infinite actions as necessary.

This is called freedom.

The Senju Kannon statue expresses this as a thousand hands.

If you have a thousand hands, you can do a thousand actions.

The mind can act infinitely.

It expresses this.

As your learnings progress, I will explain a new epistemology.”

He said this kind of things in the afterlife. However, because of the failure of Christ’s Second Coming, we could not listen to any of his new epistemologies after all.

Many would deny the existence of the afterlife, but the high spirits all said that the existence of God and the existence of the afterlife must continue to be preached loudly.

Even from Kant’s moral proof, the existence of God and the existence of the afterlife cannot be denied. However, there are three main reasons why we must preach the existence of the afterlife.

The first reason is that the existence of the afterlife means that there is “eternity.”

The afterlife is a world that proves “eternity.”

Wisdom, justice, love and mercy are the values ​​that can be brought back to the afterlife as they are.

Truth, enlightenment, sincerity, and kindness can be brought back to the afterlife as they are.

To be able to bring them back to the afterlife as they are means that sincerity and kindness, justice and love, wisdom and truth are “eternal values.”

The second reason why we have to preach the existence of the afterlife is that the existence of the afterlife means that “eternal value” actually exists.

What does not disappear is good.

What disappears is evil.

It can be said that the value of unifying the “heaven” of afterlife and the “earth” of this world is the truth, and the value of separating them is evil.

The unification of heaven and earth are good.

The separation of heaven and earth is evil.

The third reason why we have to preach the existence of the afterlife is that the existence of the afterlife proves that the existence of human beings is inherently valuable.

Without the existence of the afterlife, a person would live for 80 years and die, his brain function would cease, his mind would become nothing, and eventually all would be ephemeral and worthless beings returning to the soil.

Whether you live in justice or in evil and sin, both will die and return to the soil to become nothing.

There is no value in such an existence.

The existence of the afterlife proves that human beings are not such ephemeral, worthless beings, but are inherently valuable.

The existence of the afterlife proves “eternity” in itself, proves the existence of “eternal value”, and proves we human beings, who are small and look like space debris, are actually valuable.

Therefore, high spirits said, “Tell the existence of God and the existence of the afterlife to the ends of the earth in a loud voice.”

This time let’s take a look at the ultimate of God, the ultimate of good and evil of God, “the end of the universe.”

It’s the law of horizon.

“The end of the universe” is the life of the self, the true self.

“Enlightenment is to know the true self, this is the key point,” this is a quote from Kitaro Nishida.

If there is a person who knows this “true self,” he or she would know the fact that the “end of the universe” is infinite, and that “end of the universe” is himself/herself.

So how is God’s heart and will, the ultimate, manifested in this world?

The world of poetry is the world of truth.

The world of poem is the world of life, the real world.

The world of life is the “world that exists” by removing the body.

It’s not about the heaven, but figuratively speaking, you can understand it by taking the heaven as an example.

For example, there is the story of Santa Claus.

Santa Claus rides a shred run by a red-nosed reindeer and others on Christmas Eve night and brings presents to children around the world.

Children put socks on their bedside before going to bed.

Santa Claus then puts presents for children in their socks.

Why do children believe Santa Claus?

Those who have become foolish by education cannot believe this fact.

Because if there is an old man named Santa Claus who always leaves gifts for all the children in the world on Christmas Eve, the old Santa Claus have to give the gifts to 830 children and run 1200 kilometers per second with a sled.

This is to conclude that this is not possible when considering the route and time of entry from the chimney.

This is the view of matter.

Those who are always thinking from the form of time and space can never believe this truth.

However, in fact, the world of Santa Claus is the true world.

As Kant said, the high spirit, which has evolved spiritually into the class of Jesus, is no longer in the frame of one-to-one recognition.

They can hear and answer prayers at the same time, even if there are one million or ten million people on earth.

You can see that it is impossible for humans.

Since humans have physical bodies, if they are at a certain point A, they cannot be at the same time at a point B, which is 100 kilometers away from it.

However, this is possible for the high spirits of heaven.

They can differentiate their selves and make them infinitely unevenly distributed.

For example, looking at humans on earth, even if one million people are praying at the same time, they can instantly hear the individual prayers and their contents, and answer them individually at the same time.

When these high spirits do things in a spiritual fusion, they can hear and answer the prayers of 8 billion people at the same time.

In other words, heaven is the world of Santa Claus.

He can instantly give a gift called Revelation to children around the world.

It does not take a second.

It’s a moment.

He can instantly give gifts to people all over the world.

However, people who do not believe in God or the afterlife do not put socks on their bedside when Christmas Eve comes.

They don’t think there is Santa Claus, so they make no attempt to receive gifts from God.

They insist that there is no such being that can run 1200 kilometers and give gifts to 830 children per second.

This is finite knowledge, so-called material knowledge.

Whether you admit it or not.

Most of the time, we don’t realize it, but we receive gifts every day.

There is an unusual difference in perception and evolution between knowing and not knowing this fact.

The world of poetry is the world of truth.

The absurd world of Santa Claus is actually the true world.

There are countless examples like this.

For example, take a look at the story of “Blue Bird”.

Tyltyl and Mytyl got a little hat adorned with a magic diamond from the old fairy.

When they turned the diamond, they met their grandmother and grandfather who died in “The Land of Memories.”

It cannot be in this world, so it seems that it can be dismissed with a single word of absurdity, or it is just a fantasy story.

However, this is still the true world.

Some people will go to hell, so it’s hard to say that everyone will, but most of them, after death, will reunite with their parents and relatives who have already disappeared in the “land of memories.”

This is the truth.

Truth is, in truth, a “fact.”

Can we deny the fact that the “world of poems” is the world of truth and the world of historical reality?

Space and time are substance, so if you measure or consider the events of this world from the view of matter, you will rather move away from the truth.

If you listen to the stories of “Santa Claus” and “Blue Bird” from the perspective of time and space, you will definitely conclude that they are fantasies.

However, from the perspective of life that transcends the view of matter, this is more real and true.

Then, if the world of poetry is the world of truth, how does God manifest this truth in this world?

How does God manifest the infinite ultimate truth of God, the end of the universe, and the culmination of good and evil?

Let’s examine the ultimate of God.

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